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Person Centered Tech Heart Psychology

We here at Person Centered Tech are absolutely flabbergasted, excited, and thrilled to report that we are now an approved continuing education provider for the American Psychological Association (APA)! (And we’re having a sale to celebrate. More in a minute.) We decided to pursue APA approval in Spring of 2016. So many Psychologists from states like […]

Apologies for the restricted post!

A couple days ago, we published a post on the site that contained a restricted-access article. A few of you are subscribed to receive notification of new posts by email. So you got news of the restricted article even if you didn’t have the access to read it. It was not our intention to send […]

What is PCI DSS and Why Do I Care?

EMV Card Reader With Card Inserted PCI DSS is a special set of regulations that we like to call "Credit card HIPAA." If you take credit cards in your practice, you do have to comply with PCI DSS. The good news is that it's quite a bit easier than HIPAA. This article helps make sense of it.

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Apps You Can Use To Create Highly Private Spaces Online for Clients

Siblings whispering

I’d like to tell you about two software services that may be of interest to most clinicians who are looking for ways to provide a high level of privacy for clients. But first, some background: At Person-Centered Tech, we are often asked how clinicians can do both of these things: Do texting or email with clients in […]