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Comprehensive consultation services that keep you focused on the things that are important to you and provide peace of mind.

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When we say we “get you” it’s because we ARE you. Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, is a practicing clinician and an adjunct ethics professor at Portland State University. Roy and the team of therapists and tech experts at PCT are all here to help our colleagues in mental health build practices that leverage tech to provide safe, effective client care.

I DEEPLY appreciate all your help as I made all these fundamental decisions for my group. I know I can’t anticipate ALL the issues that will arise, but I prefer to look as far ahead as possible to avoid any unnecessary problems. I really appreciate you!
Maya Sprague, LMHC

Owner, Clinical Director & Psychotherapist, NORTHWEST HOLISTIC THERAPIES

Private Practice Consultative Services

Get information that will be most useful in the context of a private practice.


Direct consultations for your specific questions

Cut through the overwhelm with personalized, affordable consultations at our weekly Office Hours.

  • Ask your specific questions and follow up questions live — or receive video clips of the answers delivered to your inbox.
  • Browse the searchable library of thousands of questions you haven’t thought to ask yet.
  • Affordable, regular access to experts whenever you need support

No auto-renew and no contracts.

We’ve got you.

Tech Select

Evaluate your current software and tech and receive a custom plan of solutions to address your secure tech & functionality needs.


Telemental Health Tech Select

Identify which software platforms and support software are the best fit for your online therapy functionality and security needs.


Telemental Health Tech Check Coaching

Lights, Camera, Action! Run though mock appointments, using our rubric and your platform, ensuring you’ve got the skills & confidence to provide clinically effective care via video. 


Have a Different Need?

Tell us what you need and we’ll help you find the best way to get your need met.

Group Practice Consultation Services

GLaM: Group Leaders Support and Consult Meetings

Video meetings hosted by Person Centered Tech multiple times per month for group leaders with the comprehensive Group Practice HIPAA Security Program.

Group Leaders Meetings provide a safe place to share your ideas, get feedback from peers, and consult with the PCT experts in a private space. You’ll have an open invitation to share, listen, and learn as your group practice grows.

It’s been called therapy for group leaders for a good reason. Others refer to it as a mastermind group. We like to call it GLaM.

Whatever you call it, it will be here for you.

HIPAA Security Compliance Unlimited Guidance Program

Unlimited Program Guidance

PCT experts do the Risk Analysis for you

Custom Project Management System

Change Management & Culture Norming Support

Pricing based upon size of practice.

At Person Centered Tech we believe that client centered care and technology can be harmonious and mutually beneficial.

  • Yes to what you need
  • For Mental health, by Mental health

Helping therapists legally, ethically and effectively meet their clients where they are.

Maintaining Quality Client Care… From Anywhere.

  • Securing a Stable Internet Connection
  • Navigating a Home or Mobile Office
  • Protecting PHI on Your Devices

Teletherapy From the Home or Mobile Office: HIPAA, Ethical, and Standard of Care Issues

1 Legal-Ethical CE Credit Hour

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