peace of mind in complicated times

Feeling a little burnt out?

You are not alone. 


If it were possible, we’d make you a cup of tea and serve you a slice of your favorite pie.

Sadly, we just don’t have the logistical infrastructure for that.

But, we see your need for support and resources in this time. It can feel like the entire world is knocking on your door looking for help– while you juggle your own needs, fears and uncertainty.

We can’t give you a hug, a box of cookies or a mug of chai, but we can provide relief.

You see, we didn’t do a labor day sale– and we realize that what can be helpful is relief on the financial front and support in making a decision on your certificates, CE and consultation services.

This is how we can help.

A Gift of Care from the Team at PCT

Feeling Frustrated?  Breaks are vital to learning. Hydrate, go for a walk, have a snack

“If you are frustrated, you need to stop and take a break. 

Hydrate, go for a walk, have a snack.

I think many times when people reach out for help, they are already so frustrated that all logic (pause, breathe) has gone out the window. But breaks are vital to learning (she said having learned the hard way.)” 

Letta Raven

“In my work with burnout prevention, taking a moment to stop and breathe is incredibly powerful. I created these little gifs to help us get small doses of self-care incorporated into our everyday routines.”

Evan Dumas, MA

Feeling Frustrated?  Breaks are vital to learning. Hydrate, go for a walk, have a snack

A Part of Our 2020 Thriving and Making Comfort Conference
“pay what you can” for the replays

20% off just about everything*

20% off all CE trainings, Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation Services, and more to help you find financial breathing space in your budget, peace of mind that you are moving forward in your HIPAA security compliance, and support in making a decision when things feel so unstable.

It’s not everything you need, but we hope this discount will help you feel empowered to work within your capacity.


Teletherapy Practice: What You Didn’t Know You Don’t Know

Pay what you can live event

2 CE credit hours (1 legal-ethical)

While many of us are feeling confident about our teletherapy processes, we are also aware that there are likely areas of practice where we don’t know what we don’t know. Join Roy Huggins, LPC NCC and Liath Dalton as they work to address the things you didn’t know you don’t know.

Not Interested

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