Registration: Legally Practicing Across Borders: A Detailed Survey of Interstate and International Mental Health Practice, 2020 Edition (LIVE)


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This event has been cancelled due to high-speed rule changes occurring during the COVID-19 emergency

States are enacting rules that open up practice to out-of-state licensees rather quickly. We will reschedule this event when the jurisdictional practice picture is more settled.

Event on:
March 13th, 2020 at

  • Pacific Time: Noon
  • Mountain Time: 1PM
  • Central Time: 2PM
  • Eastern Time: 3PM

Registration for this event is free for the following populations: Those with active access to Office Hours; Our legacy members.

Registration is discounted for the following populations: Those who are registered for our Telemental Health Certificate Program; Those who purchased previous editions of this educational program.

This product is discounted for our legacy members and some others with certain types of access.


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