Group Practice Service Plan – Bait & Tackle (Payments)

$450.00 / month for 2 months

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(HIPAA Security Compliance DIY Materials Package for Group Practice) 

Sometimes you want a chartered ocean cruise that teaches you the skills of deep sea fishing, sometimes you just want a fishing pole and the families’ secret bait. This Bait & Tackle offering is for those who want just the tools necessary to DIY the HIPAA security compliance process for your group practice. (Which is different from our full group practice service plan that also provides you with PCT as your co-captain — to keep with the fishing metaphor — in addition to the bait & tackle.)

The tools in this package allow you to captain your way to full HIPAA security compliance by achieving the following tasks: performing a HIPAA security risk analysis, adopting and implementing security policies and procedures that address each standard of the HIPAA Security Rule, documenting all of your security activities, providing a written training manual of security policies and procedures for your team, and securing all devices used to handle practice info. 

Security Compliance Materials:  

  • Customizable Leadership Security Manual and Workforce Security Manual
  • Customizable HIPAA Security Policy & Procedure templates 
  • Custom practice-branded BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Self-Audit Help and Device Security Instruction Center 
  • HIPAA Security Risk Analysis Tool
  • Security Compliance Forms & Logs


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