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Supported Program — HIPAA Security Compliance Materials & Service Plan

What it is: the Supported Program provides a combination of all the foundational materials for a robust HIPAA Security compliance program along with expert support to ensure your practice successfully achieves full HIPAA Security compliance in a manageable way. We do the heavy lifting by performing the risk analysis and risk mitigation planning, setting you up with a clear action plan, and then provide ongoing support and guidance as needed and wanted through our consultation service, Group Practice Office Hours (GOH.) 

Who it’s right for: a practice that wants just the right amount of support in this process (this is our goldilocks offering ;)) — you don’t want to DIY it and go it alone, but don’t need extensive hand-holding each step of the way; you’re confident in your ability to successfully achieve HIPAA security compliance if you’re equipped with the tools you need, expert guidance for the most challenging parts, and the comfort of knowing that you have access to support when you need it (or just want it.)

Supported Program — Components:  

  • Support:
    • PCT experts perform the risk analysis and risk mitigation planning (consulting)
    • PCT consultants onboard Security Officer to program resources and set you up for successful implementation of the risk mitigation plan, utilizing the provided resources and support (consulting)
    • Project Plan — a step-by-step plan with instructions and identified goals for each task in the compliance process and how-to for utilizing the materials
    • Ongoing access to direct consultation and support through Group Practice Office Hours (3 months included, month-to-month access available thereafter if desired) 
  • Materials
    • Customizable HIPAA Security Policy & Procedure Templates
    • Customizable Leadership Security Manual and Workforce Manual (role-based, practical application-oriented distillation of Policies & Procedures)
    • Security Compliance Forms and Logs
    • HIPAA Security Risk Analysis Tool
    • Custom practice-branded Bring Your Own Device & Device Security Instruction Center
  • Training:


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