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When we say we “get you” it’s because we ARE you. Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, is a practicing clinician and an adjunct ethics professor at Portland State University. Roy and the team of therapists and tech experts at PCT are all here to help our colleagues in mental health create practices that leverage tech to provide safe, effective client care.

Your Supportive Partner In Optimizing Your Practice.

CE credit hours that speak to where you are, delivered in a fun and engaging way.

Explore our offerings that will help you to:

Create an Online Therapy Practice | Secure Your Client Communication Beyond the Office Walls |

Become Your Own Security Officer | Have an Ethical Social Media Presence | Develop Your Practice 

Engaging, Practical Courses for CE Credit

Embracing, understanding and keeping current on technology is a must in order to connect with clients and conduct an ethical, viable, and profitable business.  Roy and the staff at Person-Centered Tech are indispensable to my successful practice and my sanity… He is very informative, freakishly knowledgeable (does the man sleep?), and current with real-time developments during this rapidly changing environment in which we must function. I learn so much from him in a fraction of the time that would take me days or weeks to research, learn, and discover on my own. Thanks to Roy and PCT, I’ve been able to quickly and confidently transition my private practice to 100% telemental health during the pandemic almost seamlessly.

Gera Krahe McGuire MA, NCC, LMHC

Solidify Your Practice’s Teletherapy Component

Whether you select our full telemental health certificate program, one of our most popular courses, or consultation services, you’ll find easy learning opportunities compiled in a fun, and engaging way.

You’ll feel more confident and secure in your practice’s teletherapy client care.

Don't leave your client care to chance.

Trial and error isn’t the greatest for client care. Instead of feeling uncertain and frustrated with teletherapy, feel confident from your very first teletherapy session that you are providing clinically effective care.

Not only does this foundational guidance help you provide the quality care you offer in-person, but it will also help you leverage teletherapy to grow as a care provider.


I felt totally prepared legally and ethically to take on telemental health and my clients were grateful for the service. I mindfully selected taking the 17 hour course verses the shorter course offered due to the COVID-19 crisis, and I’m glad I did! Mental health counseling is my encore career and I’ve always wanted to do telemental health counseling versus in-person counseling…the stars are aligned just right and Person Centered Tech gave me the tools to be able to think beyond this current crisis and take this opportunity to turn a bad situation into a future counseling via telemental health.

I also had opportunity this week to compare your course to one that’s being offered by another company for free, waiving their fee. Your course is a lot easier to learn/understand/apply, all the same information.

Melodie Terman, LPC

Private Practice Telemental Health Certificate Program

An on-demand standards-based telemental health training program from one of the United States’ top experts: Roy Huggins, LPC NCC.

Program includes:

  • Core Training (17 CE credit hours)
    • Practicing via Telemental Health
    • Engaging in HIPAA Security and Digital Confidentiality
  • Customizable Forms
    • Telemental Health Informed Consent
    • Telemental Health Tech Recovery and Client Safety Plan
    • Telemental Health Sample Telemental Health Client Record Forms
    • Telemental Health Client Set Up Helper Page
  • Bonus Training
    • Legally Practicing Across Borders: Interstate and International Mental Health Practice, During and Post-COVID 2020 (1.5 CE credit hours)
    • Teletherapy Billing in the Age of COVID-19 with Barbara Griswold, LMFT

  • Marketability
    • Earn a certificate and website badge to demonstrate to clients (and potential employers) that you have completed the standards-based telemental health training program from Person Centered Tech.
  • Personalized Support

 Telemental Health Basic Starter Pack

A quick-start focused, abridged version of our Telemental Health program from our very own Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, compiled to help you get up and running to provide client care via teletherapy.

Complete 6 topical courses (8 CE credit hours) to learn how to use online video platforms. Covers the legal-ethical use of email, texting, and phone services, and more!

I researched many telemental health training programs over a few months as I prepared to reenter clinical practice after many years of not working. My funds were limited and I felt anxious about costs. As part of my research, I spoke with Liath and asked what the difference was between your educational offerings and the others. Not only did the explanation I received make total sense- “The interactive content is based on adult learning principles and designed to be easily integrated” – but I was drawn to the office hours features. In the end, the office hours feature was a main reason I opted to do your courses as opposed to the lesser cost one at PESI.

Suzanne Lippuner, LCSW

Personalized Consultation Offerings

Private Practice Telemental Health Tech Select Coaching

PCT’s expert consultants provide personalized solutions to meet all the functionality needs of your teletherapy practice.

This goes far beyond “just” videoconferencing platforms, and includes how to securely and efficiently handle intake paperwork, client communication between sessions, payments, and more!

This will save you hours of research on getting your set up working perfectly for you and your clients. 

 Telemental Health Tech Check: Lights, Camera, Action!

Optimize your lighting, sound and surroundings and ensure your tech is functioning properly. We will evaluate your ability to navigate a mock technical difficulty and support you in developing comfort to handle the challenges you might encounter with online therapy.

Run through a practice intake, ongoing and termination session – using your chosen video platform – according to the legal ethical rubric.

Be practiced and confident in your skills, set up, and processes for providing clinically effective client care via video. 



Cut through the overwhelm with personalized, affordable consultations at our weekly Office Hours.

No auto-renew and no contracts.

We’ve got you.

Informational, Expert Advice In Our Free Resources

What Are the Problems About Taking Payments Remotely?

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Psychology Today Sessions: A Provisional Review

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How to Facilitate Supervision with Teletherapy Safely and Ethically

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Doing International Teletherapy

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How do mental health professionals practice across state lines and keep up client care?

With the arrival of PSYPACT (woo!), and the crisis of the pandemic, we are all thinking about cross-state practice and how to best navigate practicing across state lines while...

Teletherapy for the Long Haul

Well, friends, July is here and we are well into the last half of this strange year. And that means that we need to wrap our heads around practicing teletherapy online for the...

PSYPACT: True Interstate Psychology Starts Today!

The PSYPACT allows licensed psychologists in certain states the opportunity for nigh-unfettered practice in other PSYPACT states — and it started today.

Therapy in the Post-Lockdown Limbo

The states are starting to open up some parts of the working world. Does that mean a return of in-person therapy sessions? If so, what might they look like?

50-State Emergency Teletherapy Practice Rules Survey for Counselors, MFTs, Psychologists, and Clinical Social Workers

As you navigate the legal-ethical vicissitudes of teletherapy during COVID-19, you may have clients leave your state of licensure. When that happens, you will want to answer the...

Backup Plans for Failed Software, Internet Connections, and More

Good teletherapy practice calls for backup plans even in the best of times. During COVID, the need for contingencies and patience is increased.

 Get access to customizable forms, free CE and other helpful resources.


Getting Your Practice HIPAA Secure

 Select Your HIPAA – Appropriate Tools

Is your practice using the right tools?

Do they meet both your functionality and HIPAA needs?

Together we will: 

  • review your current tools
  • identify your full set of needs
  • establish an action plan to provide the functionality and security your practice needs.

This will help you meet clients where they are WHILE being HIPAA compliant.


Navigate HIPAA Security and Digital Confidentiality

Comprehensive training that will equip you to comply with HIPAA while protecting client confidentiality and effectively leveraging tech in your practice. 

Navigate the myriad of difficult-to-perceive risks around:

  • your clients’ privacy
  • your clinical boundaries
  • potential liability for our practices.

Leap with concrete guidance and essential skills that will leave you feeling empowered.

Secure Your Devices

Keep clients’ private information safe from the most common and easily prevented HIPAA Security risks while addressing your real world communication needs… all in one afternoon.

  • CE Credit Hour Training on HIPAA and Ethical Standards Pertaining to Device Security
  • Customizable Device Security Policy Forms (a HIPAA must!)
  • Device Security Instruction Center — step-by-step device specific tutorials for configuring every required technical security measure

This easy-to-implement package provides everything you need for your devices to safely handle and access client PHI.

HIPAAppropriateness Product Reviews

What products are good for you to use?

We’ll tell you! 


HIPAAppropriateness reviews are not like typical reviews. We don’t just tell you the products that do suite your needs. We tell which ones don’t, too. 

Instead of looking at features and rating their quality, we look at each products appropriateness for the risk management needs of mental health clinicians. We look at ethics, legalities, HIPAA security and all the pieces that you need to know.

Search by product or feature to find what works best for you.

Quick Switch to Teletherapy

Get your teletherapy component up and running. This FREE resource was compiled for the COVID-19 pandemic emergency teletherapy rush and will get you up to speed with teletherapy as quickly as possible.

At Person Centered Tech we believe that client centered care and technology can be harmonious and mutually beneficial.

  • Yes to what you need
  • Effective decisions = Affordable + Functionable + Usable
  • For Mental health, by Mental health

Maintaining Quality Client Care… From Anywhere.

  • Securing a Stable Internet Connection
  • Navigating a Home or Mobile Office
  • Protecting PHI on Your Devices

Teletherapy From the Home or Mobile Office: HIPAA, Ethical, and Standard of Care Issues

1 Legal-Ethical CE Credit Hour

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