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An Exclusive Offer for attendees of Dr. Sanderson’s series of  “Incorporation of Interns and Supervisees in Mental Health Private Practice: Legal-Ethical, Training, and System Resource Management Considerations” from your friends at Person Centered Tech

You know what you need to do:

    • Optimize
    • Leverage your systems
    • Work smarter not harder

    but how?

    By relying on experts! You don’t have to wear all the hats in your group practice! Just wear just the hats that you *want* to wear and are uniquely suited for. Person Centered Tech is here to help.

    Practice Care is self care.

    Choose One:

    Select the service that will give you the most peace of mind, and use the coupon code LEVELUP to take $100 off! (offer applies to one service per practice)


    Group Practice Care Premium

    Group Practice Care provides the resources and tools Group Practice Leadership needs to support and educate their staff in a set-it-and-forget-it way.

    What's in Group Practice Care?
    with Group Practice Care Premium Annual you get a full year’s access to the following:

    • Service Selection Workbook and Materials (step one of the PCT Way)
    • 1 CE Credit Hour HIPAA Training for Leadership (works with step two of the PCT WaySee brochure
    • Create a team and assign role-based training
    • Manage your team with automated kind reminders, deadlines, and instructional support
    • Set it and forget it management tools
    • Access to Device Security Center (step three of the PCT Way)
    • Assign, track and log device security for all practice and staff-owned devices
    • Access to Group Practice Office Hours Weekly Consultation service
    • Access to questions library with hundreds of videos of expert-led answers to common questions
    • 25% discount on recommended HIPAA trainings

       $990.00/ year  
    $890.00/year with coupon code LEVELUP

     save $100 on Premium ANNUAL

    with coupon code:


    Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation

    Consultant-led risk assessment and mitigation planning
    DONE in 2 hours!

    See your good work reflected in a supportive, shame-free risk assessment that inspires the mitigation process.

    Unlike any other risk analysis and mitigation services, you are met where you are, with a kind focus on the technical and practical aspects of security in your mental health practice.

    How Risk Assessments and Risk Mitigation Planning Works
    After purchase, you’ll be able to select the date and time to conduct your Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation with a PCT expert consultant.

    On the date of your consultation, you and your consultant will use the Risk Analysis tool to assess your practice’s risks and can download a Risk Mitigation plan to comply with HIPAA requirements.


    $400.00 with coupon code LEVELUP


     save $100 on Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation Service

    with coupon code:


    HIPAA Manual

    Secure the training, consultation*, tools and templates, software, and research to make sure HIPAA doesn’t consume all of your resources —
    like your money and time.

    *Available through Group Practice Care Premium


    Fully Integrated Group Tools

    Every piece of the PCT Way works together, leaving you with a completely comprehensive system of security and compliance.

    Unlike other HIPAA programs, you’ll have everything you need to facilitate a strong security platform that keeps you and your clients HIPAA safe.


    Create Your Policies & Procedures and Security Documentation without fear

    Build Leadership and Workforce Manuals With Ease

    • Rely on the experts to help you implement your policies and procedures. We’ll walk you through each step

    Compliance Security Catalogs and Forms

    • HIPAA security compliance needs are all included in Step 5 of the PCT way– including the not-so-sexy logs and forms.

    Empower Your Security Officer with Role-based Training

    • Your leadership can enjoy our full program of study to prepare for their Security Officer role in a mental/behavioral health private practice.  It includes 10 Legal-Ethical CE Hours + 2 Non-CE Hours. It is a Self-Study, On-Demand Course Series on Practice Risk Management.

    Client Centered Security Lens so that Your Efforts are Concentrated Where it Matters Most.

    $1100.00 with coupon code LEVELUP

    Get Access

     save $100 on HIPAA Manual materials

    with coupon code:




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