Short HIPAA, Tech, and Telemental Health Lecture with Discussion Interactions

The following video is meant to be played in ethics classes and involves class discussion. Instructors are encouraged to watch it through at least once in order to familiarize themselves with the content and the discussion process. Enjoy!

For more resources: See our HIPAA and Tech Resource Page

Topics Covered in the Video

  • Understanding “Privacy” vs. “Security”
  • Knowing who is a HIPAA covered entity
  • Understanding what a HIPAA Business Associate is and what HIPAA requires of us when we work with them
  • Complying with HIPAA as a practice admin/owner
  • Ethically using texting, email, and phone with clients
  • Securing computers and smartphones in mental health practice
  • Telemental health ethics basics
  • Telemental health technology choice basics

Know that this material is offered as-is for education purposes and is not intended as a replacement for consultation, legal advice, or further education. 


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