Telemental Health Group Practice Certification

Let PCT assist in developing and implementing the framework for your Telemental Health Program, while getting your clinical staff trained and prepped to perform telemental health services according to the highest standards.

Save yourself a ton of time (and money) by using PCT!

Certified groups get this awesome badge for their website

Program Development

Tech Select

Person Centered Tech will help prepare your technology choices in our Tech Select, which will help vet the best solutions for your telemental health platforms and supporting software choices. (We love making sure we provide cost effective solutions!)

Policy Prep

PCT will provide customizable templates and the consulting to help your clinic director finalize and implement.  We will help provide a solid foundation to your TMH program.


TMH Clinical Director

The director will be prepared for all decision making by taking the full certification course prepping them for policy creation in addition to the clinical aspects of TMH.

Clinical Staff Members

Will be trained on a shortened version of the program that focuses on the clinical aspects.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action! is our performance pre-check that runs clinicians through a mock appointment to make sure they are camera ready.  These are designed to help make sure the technical components of the presentation are fine tuned, and the clinical onboarding needs are rehearsed. We can train your clinical director to perform the Lights, Camera, Action! or perform them directly with your staff. Confident & competent is the goal!