Telemental Health Group Practice Certification

Get your whole clinical staff trained and prepped to perform telemental health services according to the highest standards — and save yourself a ton of time.

Person Centered Tech’s Telemental Health Certification Program for Group Practices allows you to get all your clinical staff providing expanded services through telemental health at the highest standard available. What’s even better is that we take care of the training and staff preparation for you.

Our staff will help your staff complete the program, and you will end with your own clinical program that includes excellent training, appropriate and secure technology choices, telemental health-specific practice paperwork, policies and procedures, special training for clinical leadership, and ongoing continuing education for everyone.

At the end, your practice will receive our badge of certification that tells the world that your whole organization is properly trained and prepared to offer quality services via telemental health media.

The Program Steps

1) Assign a Clinical Director for your telemental health program. We will coordinate with this individual to make decisions around how staff training will proceed. (We will take care of all the course assignment, deadline enforcement, and staff cajoling, though!) The TMH Director (that’s our name for them) will also receive additional training and consulting to get them prepared to lead. That’s all included in the program.

2) Proceed with the coursework. The TMH Director and all clinical staff who participate in the program will complete the coursework. The TMH Director will complete the full Telemental Health Certification Program as described here. Optionally, some other members of the staff may also complete the full program. However, general clinical staff will complete a truncated portion of the program that focuses on what they need to know for clinical work. The TMH Director (and anyone else you designate) will do the coursework on policy decisions and administrative issues.

3) Finalize your program policies and make technology choices. We will perform a Tech Selection/Review Process as well as a Lights, Camera, Action consultation with the TMH Director, and work with the TMH Director to finalize policies and procedures related to the practice’s TMH program. We have templates for security policies and procedures, telemental health informed consent and session documentation, and other needed policies.

4) Get the staff ready. Optionally, we can also do abbreviated (or full, as needed) versions of the Lights, Camera, Action consultation with telemental health program clinical staff in order to ensure they’re ready to serve clients remotely.

5) Launch your program. Start serving clients via telemental health with the assurance that your program is built on a solid foundation with the ongoing support you need!

Inquire Within

Please fill out this form and our Deputy Director, Liath, will be in contact with you ASAP. Note that the group telemental health program is for group practice members of Person Centered Tech. But never fear — you can join both programs at once. And if you have any questions about special considerations, don’t hesitate to inquire. We are always happy to talk through our service offerings with group practice owners.