Group Practice Telemental Health

Maximum Potential at Minimum Cost

Make the most of the practice you’ve built | Serve your community and expand your reach | Grow your practice, not your office space | Prevent income loss from bad weather and travelling clinicians (or clients)

Person Centered Tech’s Group Practice Telemental Health Program provides all the policy templates, practice forms and expert coaching needed to design your program, train your team, and launch your teletherapy practice.

Program Steps

  1. Customize your program operation manual, using PCT’s templates and our expert consultation. 
  1. Select tech and services that provide your needed functionality and security with the guidance of our experts.
  1. Prepare your clinical coordinator for program leadership with our telemental health training and consultation from PCT’s experts.
  1. Prepare your clinicians with PCT’s minimal TMH training program + coaching from your clinical coordinator/or PCT experts.
  1. Start serving clients via telemental health with the assurance that your program is built on a solid foundation.


Program Manual

The template procedure manual lays out a standards-based telemental health program that provides the guidance your clinicians need to practice properly — without having to do a lot of training and development of their own telemental health practice procedures.


Telemental Health Forms

We provide the clinical forms you need: sample telemental health informed consent form, session documentation form, telemental health appropriateness assessment form, technology recovery and client safety plan form, and a rubric for coaching and testing clinician readiness for videoconferencing-based telemental health.


Tech Selection & Review Service

Person Centered Tech will help prepare your technology choices in our Tech Select consultation session.  We will present to you a variety of great options and help you decide on which will be the best solutions for your individualized software needs. (We love providing cost effective solutions!)


Program Manual & Forms Customizing

PCT will provide customizable templates and the consulting to help your TMH program director create a procedure manual and clinical forms that meet your practice’s needs. We will provide a solid foundation for your TMH program.

"Lights, Camera, Action" Coaching Sessions

Lights, Camera, Action! is our TMH skills coaching check-in, created to ensure each provider is session-ready.  LCAs are designed to build confidence in the technical aspects of team members’ clinical craft, and to rehearse performing a first online session.  PCT will train your clinical director to perform the Lights, Camera, Action! with your team members, or they can do their practice session directly with the PCT experts. Confident & competent is the goal!


TMH Clinical Director

The director will be prepared for all decision making by taking the full certification course — prepping them for leadership on policies & procedures in addition to the clinical aspects of TMH.

Clinical Staff Members

Team members will be trained on a shortened version of the CE program that focuses on just the aspects they need to know. They will rely on the provided program manual, tech selection, and coaching for the remainder of their telemental health practice needs.

Quarantine Assistance Sale

To help practices reach those in quarantine due to coronavirus, the group practice-specific materials for this program are 50% off for the foreseeable future. Inquire below for details.

Want to Start ASAP?

Do you already know you want to get started and don’t need to schedule a consultation with us?

Use our group practice TMH program customizer to build your program and get started on it ASAP

If you include the Program Manual and Forms Pack in your custom program, it will be available for download immediately after purchase. All other services will be set up for you by PCT staff, in collaboration with you, as soon as we possibly can during business hours.

No need to wait. Build your custom TMH program now.

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PS: Earn Your Certification Badge!

Group Practice Telemental Health Program + Demonstrated HIPAA Security Compliance = your certification badge!

Want this badge on your website to show potential clients and service contract partners that your team is properly trained and prepared to perform telemental health services and that the practice is HIPAA secure? Complete our Group Practice Telemental Health Program and our Group Practice HIPAA Security Program (or demonstrate that your practice is HIPAA security compliant*) and receive our endorsement that your practice is a Telemental Health Certified Practice — which comes with this snazzy badge.

*Additional consulting fees may apply

Certified groups get this awesome badge for their website