Mental Health HIPAA Compliance and Private Practice Optimization Process

The PCT Way will make sure that your practice management choices are copacetic with HIPAA from the start. No more getting jerked around by conflicting advice and shady sales copy. We know what mental health practices need in order to function well and keep things legal-ethical. 

HIPAA Compliance and Practice Optimization

For Mental Health, By Mental Health

When you approach HIPAA compliance by addressing the practical elements first, it is simpler, easier, and allows for a more effective practice. Get these low effort foundational elements done for maximum coverage. Then when you are ready, we’ve got your formal compliance needs covered too. With this seamless approach, HIPAA compliance is something you can manage effectively and efficently. 

Not Sure Where to Start?
We recommend Step 4 for those who already have a functioning practice. If you are just starting your practice, Step 1 is a great spot to start.

Your center is your clients. Our center is YOU

What you get:

Follow these steps to take the PCT Way to affordable, comprehensive HIPAA security compliance

CE training and tracking

Build your tech stack (with plenty of recommendations on the services and tools that makes the process painless)

Secure all of your devices, even without feeling very “techy”

– Supported Risk Analysis and Mitigation (just 2 hours long and done with our soothing PCT consultants in a shame-free space)

– Easy-peasy customizable HIPAA Manuals (step-by-step process with provided materials supported with videos and consultation)


Learn more about each step:

Start your journey

CE Credit Hours

CE Credit Hours

CE Credit Hours

CE Credit Hours


Find the tech that helps your practice work smoothly

The first step of your compliance journey is assessing your practice needs and the tech that fits those needs. The PCT Way prioritizes services that meet compliance while also being highly usable and efficient.

Download our free Service Selection Workbook. It’s filled with years of tech selection consultation advice and specific services that we recommend. The workbook walks you through the whole experience!


CE requirements vary by license and state requirements. CE availability is clearly demarcated on each course for your convenience.


When most clinicians think of HIPAA, they think training. And yep, they are a part of the PCT Way, too. Our CE trainings are created to give you the information you legally and ethically need to know, while remaining relevant and enjoyable. Who says HIPAA has to be stuffy and boring?


Most clinicians find that their tablets, laptops and cellphones take 2-5 hours to get secure. The step-by-step instructions differ for make and model of each device and can influence how long it takes to get your device secure. 

Convenient, effective device security to keep your clients (and your) info safe

Subscribe to Solo Practice Care, and gain access to our Device Security Portal. With in-depth instructional videos and comprehensive instructions to make your clinical devices safe for PHI and meeting HIPAA compliance requirements, you can get your laptop, tablet, and phone secure without the drama.


most solo practioners complete this step within 1-2 hours


Work with a PCT consultant to get this important piece of HIPAA compliance checked off in about 2 hours.


supportive trellis with a plant growing up


Simplified materials and a set of easy-to-follow courses that will take you from zero-to-HIPAA-Secure gently and easily. You will get all of your policies and procedures, security manual, change management and workforce management support (if you are solo+), and ongoing maintenance tasks.

Optimize Your Practice

Get more from your practice services with our expert advice, formulas and guidance that walks you step by step through the entire process from assessing your needs to finding the specific tech that can be leveraged to meet those needs securely and effectively.

Get Started

Getting started with the PCT way is easy. Solo Practice Care Basic gives you tons of tools to start getting your practice compliant, including the first two steps of the PCT Way. 

Grow Securely

Build your HIPAA manual, Policies, and Procedures for full HIPAA compliance with our supported, fuss-free approach to creating your HIPAA compliance documentation, logs, and meeting your security requirements


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