The Only Telemental Health Certificate Training Program Made Exclusively

…to grow with you

Teletherapy Certification for solo practitioners

Whether you run your own private practice or are operating in a solo capacity, the Telemental Health Certificate gives you what you need.

  • Clarify your tech needs (without wasting a penny)
  • Feel confident in your competence
  • Learn the nuances in telehealth from the experts (yes, you can stop chasing the confusing red herrings of HIPAA and telehealth)

I had my first day of Telemental Health and it was FULL. I felt competent and ready because of the training. Wow.

I have loved loved loved that PCT helps simplify my technology needs

Ruth Gibian LCSW


We don’t have to tell you the impact of proper training on your confidence, competence and standard of your client care.

Teletherapy and telehealth training is no different.

  • No more anxious tailspins wondering if you’re “doing it right”
  • No more claim denial headaches from miscoding
  • No more panic-induced sweats when the internet bugs out

… and best of all: no more technology overwhelm.

“The best uses of my money, ever, in my professional life”

Built with Adult Learning Principles

Applying andragogical techniques to our courses has made them very popular! We know you’re taking this course to improve your teletherapy skills– not just to fill a CE credit requirement (although the CE credit is a nice perk!) 

Unlike the boring courses you watch while cooking dinner (and remember next to nothing from) our courses are crafted using andragogical techniques so that you stay engaged and retain the information so you can use it in your real word practice situations.

 “I stay engaged with your format, and for someone with ADHD who is honestly not that interested in this material but doing it because I know I should, it is HUGE! 

As behavioral health professionals, our ethical standards require us to have sufficient knowledge, skills, and understanding of any intervention or tool we employ in our clinical work.  This standard absolutely applies to our use of technology generally, and to telehealth specifically.
One of the best ways to meet these requirements is through a comprehensive training and certification program, like PCT’s Telemental Health Certification.  This equips clinicians to effectively and safely provide clinical services via technology.
— Eric Ström JD Phd LMHC
Teletherapy and HIPAA Attorney and Mental Health Pro

What you’ll learn:

The Courses

Simply complete these courses to receive your certificate! They are all on-demand and ready when you are.

  1. Engaging in HIPAA Security and Digital Confidentiality as a Mental Health Professional. 9 Ethics CE hours.  
    See Brochure→ 
  2. Practicing Via Telemental Health I: An Orientation. 2 CE hours; 1 Ethics CE hour.
    See Brochure→ 
  3. Practicing Via Telemental Health II: Care Delivery Fundamentals. 2 CE hours; 1 Ethics CE hour.
    See Brochure→ 
  4. Practicing Via Telemental Health III: The Clinician-Client Relationship. 2 CE hours.
    See Brochure→ 
  5. Practicing Via Telemental Health IV: Preparing to Practice. 2 CE hours. 
    See Brochure→ 

Get Support While You Build and Optimize Your Telemental Health Practice

The Telemental Health Certificate Program comes bundled with three (3) months of our live support webinars (we call them “Office Hours.”)

Ask any questions you’d like and either discuss it with us live — or watch us answer your questions on the session recording. You can also attend or watch later to see what other people are asking and talking about. It’s a helpful peek into considerations that you haven’t encountered yet!

Want more than 3 months? You’ll have an option to purchase access extensions for as long as you like.

Done-for-you forms and operational resources

Program registration includes a large array of forms and other resources to help you operate your telemental health practice.

Here is a list of those forms and resources:

  • A comprehensive checklist of items you need to have and things you need to do at every stage of telemental health practice.
  • A web page of helpful directions that your clients can use to help them get prepared for each session — especially that crucial first online session.
  • A sample informed consent form for telemental health.
  • A sample recovery and safety plan.
  • A sample session documentation form.
  • A telemental health risk analysis form.

How does it work?

Step One

Purchase your Certificate Program

Our consultation team is available to help answer any of your questions. 

The coursework is hosted on your personalized dashboard which keeps track of your progress for you and hosts all the information you need for at-a-glance support.


Step Two

Enjoy the Courses and Customizable Forms

Broken into bite-sized chunks, our courses are crafted to help you learn the material and apply it in a real-world way. 

Created by mental health professionals, you’re getting only what you NEED to know delivered according to adult learning andragogical principles so it becomes useful information you can apply and use.


Step Three

Get Clarification and Support

Check with experts on the material, and get guidance on how to grow your telemental health practice.

Our weekly consultation services, called Office Hours, means that you have experts in your corner to help you navigate the information application in your specific contexts.

You get 3 months access included with your certificate program (worth $87) but many of our colleagues choose to invest in it on a month-by-month basis because the information saves them so much time + money.

What’s the #1 thing colleagues share with us about our courses?


… That they are 110% worth it.

  • Understanding best practice for your specific situation
  • Interactive content is based on adult learning principles and designed to be easily integrated into your real client care situations
  • Feel a massive difference in your attitude and aptitude for practicing telemental health
  • Reducing your anxiety with good humor, commonsense, and easy to understand delivery of information
  • Learn the full spectrum of information you need — so you don’t have to piecemeal trainings (and hope you didn’t miss anything)
It makes sense that getting training on teletherapy can help you be successful in your work, but it’s hard to explain HOW MUCH of a difference it can make to how you feel — mentally, emotionally, and even physically –when you show up for your clients.

Thanks to Roy and PCT, I’ve been able to quickly and confidently transition my private practice to 100% telemental health during the pandemic almost seamlessly.

Gera Krahe McGuire

Join 2,000+ Mental Health Professionals Certified:

I am in the process of hybridizing my practice back to in-person therapy but hope to continue doing as much telehealth as I can. You guys have been a great resource.

Please pass this along to Roy, Liath and the rest of the team how much they’ve helped myself and so, so many of my colleagues here in Arkansas in the past 3 months.

I never even saw a blip or even a tiny dip in my revenue thanks to the available info.

Allen Morrison, LPC-TA-S

New Paths Counseling

I’m just working my way through your Video Presentation Skills course in preparation for resuming work with my current clients and I just want to say a thousand thank yous for doing this. So so helpful, not to mention entertaining. It’s a really good thing you do, and you do it really well.

Florence Gardner


I also had an opportunity this week to compare your course to one that’s being offered by another company… Your course is a lot easier to learn/understand/apply.

I’m grateful I spent the money and time to complete the [full certificate] course.

Melodie Terman LPC


Full Program

Register for the program now and you’ll get:

17 CE Credit Hours

  • Complete at your own pace with engaging content and review modules to make learning enjoyable.
  • Telemental health standards-centered education
  • Focused on private practitioners working via online video (and some phone)
  • Education from a nationally-recognized expert 

3 Months of Live Support
(Valued at $87)

We’re here to support your learning and practice development through PCT’s Office Hours.

Get a free taste test of how useful the guidance and advice found in Office Hours, watch the free clips on PCT+.

Telemental Health Certificate and Web Badge 

Present the certificate to potential employers or colleagues to mark your mastery of teletherapy and the nuances of providing client care remotely.

The Telemental Health Certified web badge can be loaded on your website and is a great marketing tool to show clients. 

Forms and Operational Resources

6 forms and operational resources that help you implement what you learn effortlessly.

  • A guidance checklist for every stage of your telemental health practice
  • A web page of helpful directions that your clients can use to be prepared

    …and more


The bonus materials are fresh, topical, and growing — created on an ongoing basis in response to needs and the current context

LOOK OUT for this card – MANY of our events and presentations are created to support our Telemental Health Certificate Holders. You’ll get access to these presentations for F-R-E-E.

Plus These Bonus Materials:

The perks of getting PCTs Telemental Health Certificate program isn’t just our dashing good looks and engaging content — 

We have TONS of free useful CE credit hours included too!

With each purchase of our Telemental Health Certificate program, we include an additional 7 CE hours of FREE content that complement the work you do in the Telemental Health Certificate Program. 

These courses boost your knowledge on topical subjects that will make your life easier and improve your level of client care. They are not required to receive your certificate. They are add-ons, or bonuses, that we made to help you meet your client’s needs easier and with less frustration. 

Invest Once. Lock in Ongoing Learning.

And MORE is on the WAY! 


This is an ongoing, dynamic certificate program, we will continue to add to this certificate program with everything you need to know– so you are always well informed. 

The money I spent for what you offered was one of the best uses of my money, ever, in my professional life.

I am so happy with what I got from the certificate program, the office hours, etc. etc. I only wish it could go on forever!

I appreciated the humor, the integrity of materials delivery, the ease of application of the material and, most importantly, the deep sense of trust and confidence that developed in me from the process.  I was able to evaluate other things that came my way with ease, and let go of chasing every email from other programs and products that came my way. I realized that my bases were covered to receive an excellent foundation in what I needed and I could relax into my learning and enjoy it.

Suzanne Lippuner



Full Program


17 CE Credit Hour
3 Months of Live Support

Bonuses included


I’ve always wanted to do telemental health counseling versus in-person counseling…the stars are aligned just right and Person Centered Tech gave me the tools to be able to think beyond this current crisis and take this opportunity to turn a bad situation into a future counseling via telemental health.

Melodie Terman LPC

What if my practice isn’t profitable? This course is expensive.

This isn’t the cheapest teletherapy certificate program– and it isn’t the most expensive either.  This is the only dynamic growing program that offers 17 hours of training, 3 months of weekly consultations (that’s up to 12 opportunities to ask all of your questions and get expert insights on your specific situation!), customizable ready-to go forms and resources to help you put “feet” to your learning, and help to market your experience with your colleagues (if you want to join a group practice) or to clients (if you want to work in your own private practice). 

Plus, it’s growing! When you hold a PCT Telemental Health Certificate, you’ll get front line access to all of the PCT Perks. Plenty of free content and CE courses to help you navigate teletherapy. 

Research shows that your attitude and confidence in using teletherapy directly impacts your client case load (and therefore your revenue coming in). Training directly improves your competence and confidence. 

Will this program give me the information I need in MY state?

Yes! Our content is helpful for all 50 states (even Washington).

Can I get my money back?

Here’s our cancellation and complaint policy that we don’t think you’ll need, but we trust you and think you’re going to love being a part of the PCT family.

Continual Guidance As You GROW

incl. 3 Months of access to OFFICE HOURS 



Cut through the overwhelm with personalized, affordable consultations at our weekly Office Hours.

Access to hundreds of sessions. Library of thousands of questions.

Attend live or watch on your own time.

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