Telemental Health Certificate Program from Person Centered Tech

Join Our Telemental Health Certificate Program For The Best Standards-Based Training Available

The Certificate Program:

  1. Complete our HIPAA & technology course, Engaging in HIPAA Security and Digital Confidentiality as a Mental Health Professional.
  2. Complete our telemental health course seriesPracticing Via Telemental Health.
  3. Earn your certificate of program completion.
  4. Present the certificate to potential employers, colleagues, or even clients to show that you have completed a standards-based telemental health training program from one of the United States’ top experts: Roy Huggins, LPC NCC.

The Courses

Engaging in HIPAA Security and Digital Confidentiality as a Mental Health Professional (9 CE hrs; 100% Legal-Ethical Topics)

Engaging in HIPAA Security and Digital Confidentiality as a Mental Health Professional is included in our membership, and we strongly recommend accessing it that way. See Brochure→.

Practicing Via Telemental Health (8 Total CE Hrs; 2 hrs Legal-Ethical Topics)

Practicing Via Telemental Health is split into 4 courses of 2 hours each:

1) Practicing Via Telemental Health I: An Orientation. See Brochure→

2) Practicing Via Telemental Health II: Care Delivery Fundamentals. See Brochure→

3) Practicing Via Telemental Health III: The Clinician-Client Relationship. See Brochure→

4) Practicing Via Telemental Health IV: Preparing to Practice. See Brochure→

Certificate Program Curriculum Topics

The training program covers the following areas of telemental health competence:

  • TMH-Specific Ethical Issues
  • Issues of Practice Regions & Jurisdictions (e.g. cross-state practice)
  • Video Presentation Skills
  • Safety and Crisis Planning
  • Client Orientation Needs
  • Informed Consent Needs
  • Working With Originating Sites
  • Finding and Working With Local Champions
  • Technology Choice and Practice Tech Needs
  • Reimbursement
  • Using Your Website in Telemental Health Practice

Are You Looking For Qualified Telemental Health Therapists?

Person Centered Tech’s Telemental Health Certificate Program is intended to provide potential employers — and others with an interest in finding properly qualified telemental health clinicians — with an indication of who has completed a course of study based on effective telemental health standards including clinical, ethical, legal, and technical considerations.

Click here for more information and to schedule a time to talk with us about the certificate program curriculum.


TMH Courses + Yearly Membership

  • * The August Telemental Health Course Series (8 CE hrs.): Practicing via Telemental Health
  • * The core HIPAA Course (9 CE hrs.): Engaging in HIPAA Security and Digital Confidentiality as a Mental Health Professional
  • * Certificate of Program Completion
  • * Freedom to submit your personal questions to Office Hours
  • * Live and recorded access to Office Hours 4 times/month
  • * Unlimited access to Office Hours archive videos
  • * Invites to special, topical Office Hours on current topics to earn more CE.
  • * Earn numerous CE hours for online training about HIPAA and digital ethics
  • * Full access to all existing HIPAApropriateness reviews
  • * Privilege to submit requests for new HIPAApropriateness reviews
  • * Unlimited access to the Video Help Center
  • * Access to the HIPAA Risk Analysis Tool, User Guide, and Webinar
  • Heavily discounted 1-on-1 consultation with Roy Huggins
  • 2 months membership free

  • Membership renews at $350/year

  • (Cancel at any time)

Continuing Education National Approvals

ACEP LogoPerson Centered Tech, LLC is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Person Centered Tech, LLC maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

ACEP LogoPerson-Centered Tech, LLC has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6582. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Person-Centered Tech, LLC is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

Continuing Education State Approvals

Pre-approved by the Texas Social Work Board (#6357) and Texas Counseling Board (#1883)

Ohio CSWMFT Pre-Approved Provider #: RCST071601

California clinicians: CE approval is through APA and NBCC.

* Our core courses are included as part of our membership program, along with many other CE courses and services. We encourage those seeking the certificate of completion to consider joining our membership program so as to gain the full gamut of needed services in addition to the telemental health training. Check out our membership program here→