Telemental Health Certification BadgeWe are very proud and happy to announce that our Telemental Health Certification Program now comes with 3 months (!!) of access to our about-weekly live support webinars.

We call these webinars “Office Hours,” and we’ve been doing them for over 4 years now. As such, our library of past sessions — and thus, the library of resources available to Office Hours subscribers — has grown huge. That said, we’re always happy to help our session attendees with whatever questions they bring, no matter how personal the need or even if we’ve answered it already.

“But Roy,” you say, “3 months of the live support webinars costs $87. Won’t the telemental health program cost more now??”

Nope! In fact, we’re even giving a Cyber Monday discount of $80 through December 2nd. We just want to keep making our offering better.

Come get the best telemental health program available — even better now with live support and a big discount!

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