Group Practice Tech Podcast

A podcast where we help mental health group practice owners ethically and effectively leverage tech to improve their practices.

Frequency and Topics

Group Practice Tech will drop episodes about weekly — 4 times per month, to be exact.

Episodes will be everywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, depending on what we’re talking about. We let the topic set the length.


Your Co-Hosts

Liath Dalton is PCT’s director and a co-owner. Liath is especially passionate about helping therapists be resourced and supported in navigating the security compliance process and identifying the solutions and processes that meet the particular needs of their practices. Liath’s consultation area of expertise is focused on selecting the right combination of services and tech that not only meet the legal-ethical needs of mental health practices, but also the functionality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness needs as well.

Evan Dumas works in the space between mental health therapy and tech support, and is a senior consultant at PCT. His aim is to help workers everywhere cope with the occupational hazards of burnout and compassion fatigue by normalizing that terrible feeling of overwhelm when things go wrong.

With a background in IT, Evan has spent time as the Oregon Counseling Association’s tech chair after PCT’s late founder Roy, while getting his MA in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis and Clark. When he wasn’t helping counselors adapt to technology, he has given talks and workshops on burnout and compassion fatigue all around Oregon.

In our latest episode, we discuss due diligence with Terms & Conditions and Business Associate Agreements, particularly with the recent updates to Simple Practice and Zoom.  

We discuss using in practice behavior to inform policies & procedures; risk analysis; the benefits of having everything written down; how to decide where to start; reducing cognitive overhead and burnout; being prepared for security incidents; HIPAA compliance as a set of behaviors, not a product or a checklist; and the resources PCT offers around policies & procedures. 

We discuss intentions behind starting a group practice; skills that going into being a good leader and practice owner; moving forward from mistakes; making values-based decisions; encouraging job satisfaction and preventing burnout; having hard conversations; being open to healthy conflict and constructive criticism; being willing to delegate; adding administrative support; and what systems, policies, and procedures to have in place when starting a group.

We discuss maintaining steady referrals post-pandemic; guidance from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR); balancing keeping care accessible with ethical marketing; our recommendation for Google Ads support for therapists; normalizing the discomfort of normalcy after years of crisis; using your values to inform your marketing; and finding resources when you need them.


Scheduled Maintenance

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