Empowering Mental Health Providers through Tech and Security

What if tech & security felt like helping hands in your practice that empowered you as you provide quality care to your clients?

Our mission is to streamline your practice by simplifying tech operations, sustainably meeting your ethical and legal responsibilities while maximizing efficiency in your work.

Let us be your support system, freeing up your time to concentrate on delivering exceptional client care while we navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology, providing tailored solutions and practical steps to meet your specific needs. Together, we empower you to thrive in the modern era of behavioral health teletherapy and HIPAA compliance.


Yes to what you need.

Helping therapists legally, ethically and effectively meet their clients where they are.

For Mental health, by Mental health.


We stand by the services and products that we provide. Over the years, we’re ecstatic to know that the folks who use our materials are having a great time!

I’m a subscriber and appreciate your work so much!!!! … I’m invested in people finding you because I think it leads to more ethical and quality service delivery… I rely so heavily on your analysis of things that affect my practice.


Person Centered Tech has been instrumental in giving me the confidence I have needed to get back into private Practice.



I have learned so much from my membership at PCT. I want to thank you both for helping me get my online systems up and running, with all the concise information and focused support.



Thank you for your help. You guys truly do a good thing – you have created the most comprehensive place for this sort of data that I’ve found. So needed.


I have subscribed to Person Centered Tech and was with you on Monday. In one day I’ve accomplished much in feeling more secure.


I continue to be grateful for Person Centered Tech…it’s some of the best money I spend each year!

J Moore


Roy you are one of the best teachers I have ever run across in my life.


I loved that the material was broken down into small manageable segments so that I could learn at my pace and take breaks as needed.


The overall vision and application of the information was relatable and NOT overwhelming.


Our Team

At Person Centered Tech—you guessed it—we’re real people. We’re based in beautiful Portland, Oregon and proud of it.



Liath is the director of Person Centered Tech,  after serving as deputy director for 5 years and developing the company with Roy Huggins.

Liath cares deeply about PCT’s purpose of ‘helping the helpers’ through providing direct support, CE training, and resources to mental health practitioners in service of establishing robust and effective practices that meet the needs of your clients and you. 

She is especially passionate about supporting and equipping practice owners in navigating the security compliance process and identifying the specific solutions and processes that meet the particular needs of their practices.

Prior to taking on the director role at PCT,  she was balancing being PCT’s deputy director and working alongside Roy while being a Ph.D. candidate in Religious Studies (yes, she’s currently ABD.) She began her academic career at Reed College and continued her graduate work at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Liath served the President of the Interfaith Council of Greater Portland, co-convener of the Beloved Community of Oregon, and formerly worked for the Harvard Pluralism Project. Liath is deeply committed to human rights and social justice advocacy and education — and loves that those are values shared by the whole PCT team.

When Liath is not in work-mode, she’s most likely to be found enjoying her four-legged companions (two kitties, a very sweet doggie — pictured with Roy) gardening, and cooking tasty meals and listening to good music with her husband.



Evan Dumas works in the space between mental health therapy and tech support. His aim is to help workers everywhere cope with the occupational hazards of burnout and compassion fatigue by normalizing that terrible feeling of overwhelm when things go wrong.

With a background in IT, Evan has spent time as the Oregon Counseling Association’s tech chair after Roy, while getting his MA in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis and Clark. When he wasn’t helping counselors adapt to technology, he has given talks and workshops on burnout and compassion fatigue all around Oregon.

Outside of tech and counseling, Evan has had the pleasure of running a men’s cosmetics company, co-running a community art studio, and making a geodesic dome in his basement just for kicks. He unwinds with board games, hammocks, and cloud watching.



Kelly Nolot is pivotal in keeping PCT working behind the scenes. Born in southern Indiana, she joined the Navy out of high school and was stationed in San Diego as a part of the Aviation maintenance administration.

As a plank owner of the USS America, she sailed around South America through the straits of Magellan, stopping in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Cuba, and Colombia. On this sail around, she ate dinner with the Secretary of the Navy which led to becoming accidentally Facebook famous as a meme on a Facebook page for the military community.

She has an Associates in criminal justice but transferred to University of Portland  in 2019 and is majoring in sociology.

Talk to her about her fascination with the brain, behavior and mental illness, and music/art therapy — or her adorable blue American Staffy named Zooey.

Support team

Roy - Beloved Founder of PCT

Roy - Beloved Founder of PCT

Roy was the founder and leader of Person Centered Tech until his passing in 2021.

Roy was an independent web developer for many years before transitioning to a therapy private practice. He quickly found that the mental health profession needed expert technology-related guidance. Roy founded Person-Centered Tech (PCT) in 2010 after helping answer a colleague’s questions about email’s legal and ethical use. His research to answer that first question exposed him to the industry’s difficulties in applying the HIPAA-mandated risk assessment perspective to issues of technology.

Since 2010, Roy continuously worked to expand his understanding of his colleagues’ needs and stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving digital world. He also found the time to teach ethics at Portland State University, serve on the board of the Oregon Counseling Association and the Zur Institute Advisory Committee, consult with counselor licensing boards and individual therapists on issues relating to technology in therapy practice, and contribute to a number of publications.

Roy left us too soon, passing away on 11/19/2021. He is deeply missed. The team he gathered, mentored, and led now finds it a privilege and honor to carry on our shared work for the community Roy cared so deeply about and to steward the legacy of his work.



Brian spent fifteen years as a software engineer, earning an MBA and helping Roy here and there with PCT along the way. In 2015 Brian left the software industry, became a new father, and dedicated the time remaining after baby care to PCT. He takes care of taxes and accounting, contributes his own technology perspective, and even writes some software from time to time.

Brian really loves to talk about VPNs and remote access.



Skye, Liath’s sweet doggie, enjoying the snow



Winnie making friends at the office.

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To get in contact with Person Centered Tech, please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to working with you!


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