Frequently Asked Questions

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I bought the Telemental Health Fundamentals course and would like the Telemental Health Certification, is there a discount?
How do I order Group training?
Can a life coach take these courses?
How do I best approach a security breach/security incident?
Does The Telemental Health Certificate course allow me to qualify for the NBCC Board Certified Telemental Health Provider credential?
Can you help me with malpractice insurance for cross-border practice?
Can you suggest alternatives to Zoom? Can I still use an app that has Zoom as a backend?
Is there a way for me to check my answers and see what I got right?
How are your product reviews structured?
Can you give me information on practicing across borders?
How long does the Telemental Health Certificate Program take to complete?
With the certification program, how many hours of it can be counted towards ethics training?
Why am I unable to submit my test?
How do I get a consultation?
How can I cancel my membership?
How do I get my PCT certificate badge?
How do I obtain and download my CE certificate? Why don’t I see my certificate?
How do I change my email address or password?
Can I access courses from my phone?
Which courses should I take?
Do you have information on how to run a group practice?
Are these courses self paced?
I logged in and I cannot find my courses, where are they?
I would like to restart my course from the beginning, how do I do that?
What is HIPAA Compliance?
What is the cancellation/refund policy?

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