Sponsorship Policy

Effective April 7th, 2017
Last Updated April 7th, 2017

Person Centered Tech provides a huge amount of free information to the mental health and greater health care communities. We can see that many thousands of our colleagues use our free resources every month. That’s great!

Who knew, however, that keeping the doors open on this enterprise costs money? Well, we’ve figured that out by now, of course.

In order to help pay those bills, we are now accepting sponsorship of the free content on Person Centered Tech. Readers may be concerned that this might influence our product recommendations. In order to balance the need to avoid conflicts of interest with the need for us to earn revenue for our work, we have this policy regarding which vendors may sponsor our free content:

  • Sponsors must be vetted by us as appropriate for mental health clinicians’ risk management needs. This generally means that in a HIPAApropriateness Review, the vendor does (or would, if appropriate) earn a “Yes” recommendation from us.
  • Sponsors must be vetted by us or trusted colleagues as of real use to mental health clinicians, with executive staff who are responsive to the needs of our colleagues.

It is worth noting that Person Centered Tech has turned down sponsorship money before, and will do so again if necessary.

It is also important to note that while sponsorship on Person Centered Tech does imply that we have previously vetted the sponsor, it does not imply that competitors to the sponsor are not also of high quality or usefulness to our colleagues. It simply means that our sponsors have decided to invest in helping to ensure that Person Centered Tech can continue to supply free, high-quality, depthful information to the community.

If you are a vendor who is interested in our sponsorship program, or a colleague who has questions about this policy, please email us at info@personcenteredtech.com for more information. Thank you.