Sponsorship Policy

Effective April 7th, 2017

Last Updated February 02, 2022

Person Centered Tech creates and provides a vast array of informational resources, training, and direct support to the mental health and greater health care provider communities in the areas of legal-ethical practice, risk management, HIPAA security compliance, and the appropriate, effective utilization of tech.

We offer sponsorship opportunities to select service providers who also serve mental health and healthcare providers and meet our specific requirements.  

Sponsors must be vetted by us as appropriate for mental health clinicians’ risk management needs. This generally means that in a HIPAAppropriateness Review, the vendor does (or would, if appropriate) earn a “Yes” recommendation from us.

  • Sponsors must be vetted by us, and/or trusted colleagues as of real use to mental health clinicians, with executive staff who are responsive to the needs of our colleagues.
  • The executive or managerial members of the company must demonstrate good responsiveness to risk management-related concerns from customers and/or ourselves as per our Partnership Policy.
  • Service providers are not eligible for sponsorship consideration without having been independently of, and prior to, the sponsorship consideration been determined to be a vendor with integrity, demonstrated trustability, and to be providing a high quality service that meets particular identified functionality needs of the mental health and healthcare providers that Person Centered Tech supports. 

It is worth noting that Person Centered Tech has turned down sponsorships and partnerships before, and will do so again, if necessary.

It is also important to note that while sponsorship on Person Centered Tech does imply that we have previously vetted the sponsor, it does not imply that competitors to the sponsor are not also of high quality or usefulness to our colleagues. It simply means that our sponsors have decided to invest in helping to ensure that Person Centered Tech can continue to supply high-quality, depthful information and resources to the community.

From time-to-time, Person Centered Tech will team up with other people or companies for activities such as educational events and cross-promotions. We are aware that while such a partnership does not have to include any explicit endorsement of those we partner with, there is always an implied endorsement inherent in the act of partnership.

This can create special dilemmas when we partner with a person or company that provides a product which Person Centered Tech may need to critique or review as part of our journalistic/watchdog role in the health care community. There is sufficient value to both ourselves and the community, however, in creating these partnerships. 

In promotional materials or learning materials for a sponsored event, the following text must be prominently displayed at some point:

While Person Centered Tech is sponsored by [company/product name], the sponsorship should not be construed as a recommendation for [company/product] over any of their competitors, except where such a recommendation is explicitly stated by a member of Person Centered Tech’s staff. The sponsorship is contingent on meeting the criteria of Person Centered Tech’s Sponsorship Policy.

It is our opinion that meeting the above conditions makes a company or product suitable for the implied endorsement that comes with partnership/sponsorship, while preserving Person Centered Tech’s commitment to maintaining our role as a trusted advisor for the clients and professionals we serve, and the journalistic integrity and transparency on which that trust is founded. 

If you are a colleague who has questions about this policy, please email us at [email protected] for more information. Thank you.


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