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Using The Resources

All the free downloadable resources are listed below. Please be aware that none of these documents represent a replacement for legal consultation and are not given as consultation of any kind. It is your responsibility to use them appropriately and to know when they are not appropriate for your practice or for any of your clients.

All of them require some study to use properly. I have tried to provide some guidance for the use of each document. Once again, however, that is not a replacement for legal advice or consultation. Enjoy in good health!

— Roy Huggins

General Forms For All Practitioners

Request for Non-Secure Communication Form (Email, Texting, etc.)
Before using this form, be sure to at least read these articles (although some coursework or consultation on the related risk management issues would be most appropriate):

There are nuances to using this, and those nuances are more deeply covered in our online CE courses here: Digital Confidentiality Course Series. We strongly recommend researching and learning about the issues surrounding use of email and texting before using these media with clients.
Get the Request For NonSecure Communications Form! ->

Sample Telemental Health Session Documentation Form
A set of checks you can add to your session documentation template for telemental health sessions. The use of this document is covered in our Telemental Health Certificate Program.

Get the Sample Telemental Health Session Documentation Form ->

Sample Electronic Records Disclosure
Both emerging standards in the health care industry and the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics call for clinicians to disclose to clients when they keep records electronically and what security measures they use to protect electronic records. This sample form is meant to help you build a disclosure for your practice if you keep any records electronically.
Get the Sample Electronic Records Disclosure! ->
Sample Communications Policy
We always recommend clinicians have a Communications Policy that lays how and when to contact the clinician, as well as providing other information necessary to keep communications smooth and supportive of therapy work. Here is an annotated sample version of a Communications Policy:
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Email and Texting Risk Questionnaire

This document is meant to assist therapists in discussing the risks of email and texting so that the client can make an informed decision about accepting, not accepting, or reducing the risks of these popular communications media.
Get the Email and Texting Risk Questionnaire! ->

Electronic Payment Communications Disclosure

This document was designed to help provide language and wording for informing clients about the automatic receipts that often get sent when clients use services like Square and PayPal to pay their bills. For more info, see “Use Square, Be HIPAA Compliant! Ethics, HIPAA… and What About PayPal?
Get the Electronic Payment Communications Disclosure! ->

Cross-Border Due Diligence Documentation Worksheet
This worksheet was a part of the 2 CE hour presentation of Cross-Border Practice in the Age of Telehealth: Interstate and International Mental Health Practice, 2021 Edition. We recommend using the worksheet in conjunction with the presentation so you can make sure you’re using it correctly.

Get the Legality and Permissibility to Practice Across Jurisdictions in the United States for Mental Health Clinicians worksheet

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