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Mental health professionals across the US — and, indeed, the world — are rightly concerned about the impact that a pandemic coronavirus can have on our clients and our practices.

I am feeling quite fortunate, however, that this virus has arrived at a time when telehealth technology and standards are so well developed. Appropriate software is easy to acquire and use, many places have strong Internet connections (not all, tho — this would a great time for the Federal government to help fill in the broadband gap in frontier regions!), computers are fast, and people are more aware than ever of the feasibility of telemental health as a medium.

We wrote here about what works, according to our observations, to get clients prepared for distance work when they stay home. Check out that link, if you haven’t already, for some tips.

In order to help more clinicians get ready to perform telemental health services to the standard of care, we’re doing a deep sale on our training programs through the end of March. 

This sale applies to all 3 of our telehealth program options: The Basic Starter Pack, The Telemental Health Certificate Program, and the Group Practice Telemental Health Program.

The solo practice programs are a flat 20% off, and the group training program is 50% off for the group practice-specific program materials. You can schedule a conversation with us to ask more questions and learn how appropriate the solo certificate program or group practice program is for you. Go to the brochure for either offering, and you’ll have a chance to schedule right here on the website.

Solo Practices: 20% Off the Full Program For the Foreseeable Future

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Group Practices: 50% Off the Group Practice-Specific TMH Program Materials For the Foreseeable Future

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