Welcome solo and group practice owners! We are Liath Dalton and Roy Huggins, your co-hosts of Person Centered Tech.

First of all, we want you to know that Person Centered Tech acknowledges that therapy as a field is very white. As group practice leaders, there’s both an opportunity and a responsibility to develop and spread anti-racist practices in our own businesses as well as our professions. We can foster diversity and inclusivity within our teams and create a safe and affirming space for black and indigenous people of color and people of color, and Black Lives Matter.

This time, we’re discussing what’s happened during this rapid and emerging time of transitioning to telehealth and the context of COVID-19. We also look toward what comes next and how we can grow and strengthen our practices, despite the challenges of the time period that we’re currently in.

We’re going deep on strategies to not just survive this time period, but to thrive during it.

We also discuss the changing regulations for cross-state practice, the difference between offering online therapy and being a fully online therapy practice, PSYPACT, insurance reimbursement, and transitioning from emergency regulations back to normal practice.

Stay tuned for future episodes!



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