Making Good Choices About Using Email, Text, Voice, and Apps with Clients

We here at Person Centered Tech recognize that email and texting are the hottest technology issue on the minds of mental health clinicians across the US. You might think it would be online video or Internet record-keeping, right? Nope! Everywhere we go, most of the curiosity and anxiety is focused on these, the most popular media for communication with clients. And the environment around email and texting in mental health has been rapidly shifting for years.

To help support the need for accurate and thorough information, Person Centered Tech is pleased to present the following collection of articles about email and texting with clients. Click an arrow or title below to see a summary of the article and a link to open it. Person Centered Tech has been publishing free articles on technology in mental health practice since 2012. We also offer a continuing education course on Email and Texting in Mental Health Practice. If you would like CE credit for your study time, check out the course here.

  1) Email and HIPAA Compliant Practice: Is It Possible?
  2) Three Kinds of Email Security: How to Make an Informed and HIPAA-Aware Choice
  3) Therapy Business Line on the Cheap?: HIPAA and “VoIP” Services
  4) Clients Have the Right to Receive Unencrypted Emails (and Texts) Under HIPAA
  5) Even Though They Have a Right Under HIPAA To Unencrypted Emails: A Case For Only Using Secure Email and Texting With Clients
  6) Texting and HIPAA Compliant Practice—PREMIUM ARTICLE
  7) Secure Texting Is Now Cheap and Easy, and It’s Time to Stop Using SMS and iMessage
  8) Professionalism In Engaging With Clients by Email and Text—PREMIUM ARTICLE
  9) Apps You Can Use To Create Highly Private Spaces Online for Clients
  10) How Do You Document Emails and Text Messages Received From Clients?
  11) Two Steps to Avoid Getting Your Email Hacked



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