Consulting With Roy

When it comes to digital ethics quandaries, security and privacy in your practice and other tech concerns for mental health providers sometimes you need a lot of help. Roy’s happy to be there for you when you do.
Roy was an independent web developer for many years before making the transition to a therapy private practice. He quickly found that the mental health profession needed expert guidance on technology topics. Roy founded Person-Centered Tech (PCT) in 2010 after helping answer a colleague’s questions about legal and ethical use of email. His research to answer that first question exposed him to the industry’s difficulties applying the HIPAA-mandated risk assessment perspective to issues of technology.
Roy has since been one of the leading authorities on digital ethics and compliance and will provide you with sound, actionable advice to your questions. Roy teach ethics at Portland State University, serves on the board of the Oregon Counseling Association and the Zur Institute Advisory Committee, consults with counselor licensing boards and individual therapists on issues relating to technology in therapy practice, and contributes to a number of publications. We like to keep Roy busy doing what he does best!
Non-Member Cost $250 for 1 hour. Member Cost $200 for 1 hour.

Roy does offer short consultations for your quick questions.
Non- Member $70 for 15 minutes. Member $56 for 15 minutes.

Group consultation for groups up to 6 people. $375 for 1 hour. 
Roy also provides training and education. Please see details here.