Solo Practice Policy Course: Orientation and Starter Policies

Course Materials

Unit 1: Change Work: Choosing and Setting Up a Place for Your HIPAA Security Program Materials
Unit 2: Change Work: Setting Up Your Security Policies and Procedures Manual
Module 2: Starter Chapters for Your HIPAA Security P&P Manual
Unit 1: Policy Contents: Definitions and Language & Formatting
Unit 2: Policy Contents: About the Practice’s Security Program
Unit 3: Policy Contents: Risk Management
Unit 4: Policy Contents: Business Associates
Unit 5: Policy Contents: Passwords and Other Authentication
Unit 6: Chapter Setup: Starter Chapters
Module 3: What To Do Next?


  1. Download the materials
  2. Decide the format you want to keep the materials in and where you want to keep them
  3. Explore the contents of your materials
  4. Add the Definitions chapter to your manual
  5. Add the Language and Formatting chapter to your manual
  6. What are some special considerations about your security program that help simplify it (as compared to larger practice entities)?
  7. Add the About The Practice’s Security Program chapter to your manual
  8. How does the Risk Management Policy effect the shape of your manual and the contents of your compliance documentation?
  9. Add the Risk Management chapter to your manual
  10. Add the Business Associates Program chapter to your manual
  11. How do we manage passwords effectively?
    • The importance of using password managers
  12. Add the Passwords and Other Authentication chapter to your manual
  13. How will future mini-courses be formatted?

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