Legally Practicing Across Borders: A Detailed Survey of Interstate and International Mental Health Practice

Course Materials


  1. How is interjurisdictional practice regulated (or not regulated)?
    • The role of licensing boards in the US
    • When and how foreign licensing board rules come into play
  2. What are some US state boards that allow temporary practice, and how does it work?
    • A process for discovering if temporary practice is available in a given state
    • Some specific state boards without temporary practice allowance, and how we discovered that fact
    • Some specific state boards with temporary practice allowance, and how we discovered that fact
    • What it does and doesn’t mean for temporary practice to be allowed
  3. What are some nations that do not disallow practice from US clinicians, and what are the risks and benefits?
    • The difference between practice being permitted and practice not being forbidden
    • Some risks and benefits of Roy’s telepractice in Japan
    • Some examples of telepractice in European nations
  4. How are professional associations working to make interjurisdictional practice easier?

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