Privacy Ethics and HIPAA Fundamentals for Mental Health Professionals in the Agency or Group Practice Context

Course Materials

Unit 1: Understanding The Relationship Between Professional Mental Health Ethics and Security
Unit 2: Understanding HIPAA at the Introductory Level
Unit 3: Stopping Commonly Overlooked Behaviors
Module 1 Wrap-Up
Module 2: HIPAA and Client Privacy
Unit 1: Understanding Protected Health Information (PHI)
Unit 2: Understanding Disclosures and Releases
Unit 3: Maintaining Security While Coordinating Care and Releasing Info
Module 2 Wrap-Up
Module 3: Using the Practice’s Tech In the Clinician Role
Unit 1: Support the “Circle” of Secure Information
Unit 2: Following and Supporting BYOD Policies
Unit 3: Using the Practice’s Records and Communications Systems Securely
Unit 4: Understanding the Collaborative Risk Analysis for Client Communication
Module 3 Wrap-Up
Module 4: Participating in the Practices’ Risk Management Activity
Unit 1: Understanding Security Policies & Procedures
Unit 2: Supporting Office Safety
Unit 3: Supporting Contingency Plans
Module 4 Wrap-Up
Course Wrap Up


  1. Getting Into the Security Mindset
    • The relationship between professional mental health ethics and security
    • Understanding HIPAA at the introductory level
    • Confidentiality and availability in both HIPAA and professional ethical standards
    • Common behaviors to avoid
  2. HIPAA and Client Privacy
    • What constitutes Protected Health Information (PHI)?
    • Permitted and required disclosures and releases of PHI
    • Communication with coordinating clinicians outside the practice
  3. Using the Practice’s Tech in the Clinician Role
    • Maintaining the practice’s “circle of secure information”
    • Following and Supporting Bring Your Own Device Policies
    • Using the practice’s records and communications setup securely
    • Understanding the Collaborative Risk Analysis for Client Communication
  4. Participating in the Practices’ Risk Management Activity
    • Understanding Security Policies and Procedures
    • Supporting Office Safety
    • Supporting Contingency Plans

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