Digital Confidentiality According to Professional Ethics and HIPAA: A Heart-Centered Approach Level II

Course Materials

An Exercise Whose Point is Unclear
1. Clients, Professionals, & Behavior in Security
Secure Behaviors
2. Legally and Ethically Secure by the Numbers: The "Before" Part
Decision Psychology in Security and Privacy
How To Comply With the HIPAA Security Rule: A Step-by-Step Guide
Step 1. Security Risk Analysis
Step 1 (cont.) Security Risk Analysis: The Process
Step 2. Risk Management Planning
Step 3. Policies and Procedures Manual
3. Legally and Ethically Secure by the Numbers: The After Part
Breach Notification
Risk Analysis Parties!
Rescuing (or Sacrificing) Your Lost or Stolen Mobile
Security Incidents
Safe Harbor from the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule
How Encryption Makes Safe Harbor: or “Why Encrypting Before is Great For After”
4. Electronic Records, and “the Cloud”
Data Backups: Your Best Friend For “After”
Electronic Health Records
“The Cloud”
The Cloud and Availability & Integrity
Disclosure of Electronic Record-Keeping
Passwords vs. Passphrases, and Password Management Programs
The Cloud, Mobiles, and Breach Assessment
Protecting Your Cloud Services
Cloud Services and the HIPAA Business Associate Rule
Special Aside: Business Associates and Financial Institutions

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