Risk Management In Group Practice

Course Materials

Unit 1: How Do You Comply with HIPAA Security?
Unit 2: What's Different About HIPAA Security for Groups?
Unit 3: Should I Go With Independent Contractors or Employees?
Module 1 Wrap Up
Module 2: Paperwork & Training
Unit 1: Identify Your Policies and Procedures
Unit 2: Make your Training Engaging, Realistic, and Relevant
Unit 3: Be Open to Feedback and Revise
Module 2 Wrap Up


  1. HIPAA Security Compliance Process Overview
    • 3-step model of compliance
      1. Risk analysis
      2. Risk management and mitigation planning
      3. Security policies and procedures
  2. Compliance for Group Practices
    • How risk differs in a group vs. a solo practice
      1. Risk “surface area”
      2. “Bring your own device” and HIPAA compliance
    • Security policy and procedure needs in a group vs. a solo practice
      1. HIPAA Security standards for workforce training and management
  3. Impact of Employment Law on HIPAA Compliance Strategies
    • The eternal question: employees or contractors
    • Can the practice enforce its HIPAA Security policies and procedures?
  4. Q&A
  5. Technology and Risk Management
  6. Paperwork and Risk Management
    • Creating a training program that improves client care, reduces liability, and engages staff
      1. Have clear policies and procedures
      2. Use examples, samples and tech tools
      3. Work as a group and share mistakes
      4. Collect feedback and adjust on a regular basis
    • Reviewing clients files and providing constructive feedback
      1. Use an objective tool to review notes and files
      2. Incorporate documentation into performance reviews
      3. Identify training needs and collaborate
  7. Extended Q&A, next steps?

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