Intro to HIPAA Security for Group Practice Leaders

Course Materials

Module 2: Group Practice Compliance Issues
Unit 1: The Perimiter
Unit 2: Managing a Team
Module 3: HIPAA vs Employment Law


  • HIPAA Security Compliance Process Overview
    • 3-step model of compliance
      • Risk analysis
      • Risk management and mitigation planning
      • Security policies and procedures
  • Compliance for Group Practices
    • How risk differs in a group vs. a solo practice
      • Risk “surface area”
      • “Bring your own device” and HIPAA compliance
    • Security policy and procedure needs in a group vs. a solo practice
      • HIPAA Security standards for workforce training and management
  • Impact of Employment Law on HIPAA Compliance Strategies
    • The eternal question: employees or contractors
    • Can the practice enforce its HIPAA Security policies and procedures?

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