Engaging in HIPAA Security and Digital Confidentiality as a Mental Health Professional

Course Materials

What You Already Know About Security
How to Tune in Emotionally
Your Risk Management Lens
The Ethical and Legal Context
Module 1 Wrap Up
Module 2: Grasping the Basics of HIPAA Security Rule Compliance
Covered Entity Status
What the HIPAA Security Rule Says
Steps to HIPAA Security Compliance
Who/What Can Be HIPAA-Compliant?
Personally-Identifying Information
Business Associates and Business Associate Agreements
Workforce Management Standards
What the HIPAA Security Rule’s Scope Means to You
Module 2 Wrap Up
Module 3: Understanding Basic Technical Concepts
Moving vs. Sitting Data
What Is the Internet?
What Is Encryption?
What Is Authentication?
Tie in to HIPAA and Ethics
Module 3 Wrap Up
Module 4: Using Email, Text, Phone, and Video in a HIPAA-Compliant Manner
Types of Email
Different Ways to Text
Secure vs. Nonsecure Communication
Types of Phone Service
Videoconferencing Options
Your Communications Policy
Module 4 Wrap Up
Module 5: Handling Security Incidents and Breaches
Incidents vs. Breaches
Safe Harbor from Breach Reporting
Let Breach Notification Serve as Your Guide
Module 5 Wrap Up
Module 6: Protecting Your Technological Devices
Potential Threats
Digitally Protecting Your Devices
Using Encryption
Using Secure WiFi
Backing Up Your Data
Choosing Unique Logins
Physically Protecting Your Devices
Module 6 Wrap Up
Module 7: Using Cloud Services Effectively and Safely
What Is the Cloud?
How Safe Is the Cloud?
Advantages of Cloud Services
Your Role in Cloud Security
Data Synchronization
Financial Institutions in the Cloud
Module 7 Wrap Up
Module 8: Analyzing Information Risks
Trace the Information
Assess the Technology
Engage in Compliance
Module 8 Wrap Up
Course Wrap Up

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