HIPAA Security Kit for Solo Practices: The Easier Stuff Course

Course Materials

Do I have a solo or solo+ practice?
Let’s Do the Starter Risk Analysis
Let's Start the Risk Mitigation
Module 2: Devices
How to Protect Clients and Comply with HIPAA’s Device Security Standards in One Afternoon
Adopt Device Policies
Module 3: Communications Policies
Ethical & HIPAA Compliant Decisions for Internet Phone & Secure Email in Your Practice
How to Text with Your Clients Session: Ethics, Safety & HIPAA Compliance
Adopt Communication Policies
Module 4: Services
How to Identify HIPAA Protected Health Information for Solo Practitioners: Finding Your Clients’ Sensitive Information Wherever It Goes
What is a HIPAA Business Associate?
Ethical and HIPAA-Compliant Web Presence: Therapist Websites and Practice Profiles
Services Worksheet
Adopt Services Policies
Module 5: Office
Video about Physical Security?
Office Worksheet
Adopt Office Policies
Module 6: Policies and Procedures



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