HIPAA Security Compliance in Mental Health, a Guided Reading

Course Materials

Mental Health Pros’ 3 Steps to (Actually) Be HIPAA Security Compliant
What Is a HIPAA Business Associate?
What is HIPAA Breach Notification?


This course is a guided reading, which means it is made up of a series of related articles. Below are the articles included in this course:

  • Am I a HIPAA Covered Entity? How Much Does It Matter If I Am Or Not?: Explores the manner in which one becomes covered under HIPAA and some of the legal-ethical ramifications of both being a covered entity and not being one.
  • Mental Health Pros’ 3 Steps to (Actually) Be HIPAA Security Compliant: Explores a breakdown of the process of HIPAA Security Rule compliance into three steps, with some resources for doing each step.
  • What Is a HIPAA Business Associate?: A very basic exploration of HIPAA’s Business Associate Rule and how it applies to a variety of situations.
  • What is HIPAA Breach Notification?: A very basic exploration of both the concept of security breach notification and the manner in which HIPAA requires it be done.

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