Using Online Disinhibition Effect for Good in Telemental Health

Course Materials


  1. What is the Online Disinhibition Effect and What are Its Factors?
    • Dissociative Anonymity
    • Invisibility
    • Asynchronicity
    • Solipsistic Introjection
    • Dissociative Imagination
    • We’re Equals (minimizing authority)
  2. How Do the Factors of Disinhibition Relate to Telemental Health Media and Impact Therapy Work via Videoconferencing?
    • How the factors classically appear in textual media
    • How the factors also appear in videoconferencing
  3. How Can the Factors of Disinhibition Detriment Therapy via Videoconferencing?
    • Loss of close rapport
    • Client dissociation or avoidance
    • Helping clients avoid negative effects of disinhibition
  4. How Can the Factors of Disinhibition Benefit Therapy via Videoconferencing?
    • Leveraging disinhibition to deepen insight-making
    • Using increased transference

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