The “Open Notes” Rule and Your EHR Choice: Legal Compliance and Client Safety Now and in The Future

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Path to Interoperability
Rights of Access
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  1.  Intro to Information Blocking (aka “Open Notes”) and Your Electronic Records System [Huggins and Dalton]
    – Which types of electronic records are impacted?
    – How are ONC-certified electronic records services implementing records releases now?
    – How are non-ONC-certified services handling records releases now?
    – How can practices use (or not use) the exception in the Information Blocking Rule to protect clients from foreseeable harms?
  2.  Client Rights of Access and Information Blocking (aka “Open Notes”) [Strom]
    – What does the Information Blocking Rule change (or not change) about clients’ legal rights to access records?
    – What are clients’ legal rights to access records?
    – How will clients’ rights to access their records change in the future?
  3. EHR Systems and Information Sharing Past, Present, and Future [Reinhardt]
    – What is a Health Information Exchange (HIE) and what is “interoperability”?
    – How have states and the federal government mandated (or not) electronic records usage, information sharing, and fast records access in the past and how do they mandate (or not) them now?
    – How are states and the federal government likely to set those mandates going into the future?
  4. Q&A with all presenters

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