Ethical & HIPAA Compliant Decisions for Internet Phone & Secure Email in Your Practice, 2019 Edition

Course Materials


  1. How do HIPAA standards and professional ethics relate to phone service and email?
    1. Ethical standards around transmissions and confidentiality
    2. HIPAA’s “Transmission Security Standard”
    3. HIPAA Business Associates
  2. What are the different kinds of phone service and how do they relate to HIPAA and ethical standards?
    1. VoIP, or “Internet Phone,” vs. conventional phone service
    2. Business Associate and phone service
    3. Softphone apps vs. second line services
  3. What are the different forms of email and how do they relate to HIPAA and ethical standards?
    1. The big three: conventional email, TLS-guaranteed email, and escrow email
    2. How does each form of email increase or reduce confidentiality threats
    3. Client requests for nonsecure emails
    4. Business Associates and email services
  4. How do I locate and evaluate email or phone services that meet my legal-ethical needs?
    1. Finding and evaluating HIPAA-friendly email services
    2. Finding and evaluating HIPAA-friendly VoIP services

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