What Happens When We Die? How to Prepare for Group Practice Afterlife

1 Hour. Self-Study Seminar w/ Video

Presented By: Ken Urie, LMHC


We are all going to die. It’s inevitable.

But as business owners, we all want to create our practices to thrive even after we move on.

Join expert Ken Urie LMHC as he discusses creating a durable plan that will outlive you and help set your practice up for success with, or without you, as a way to care for all who depend on you.

Course Description

This is not a continuing education course

Educational Objectives

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  • Let’s Face It — It’s Inevitable…
    ● Does Anyone Worry About This?
  • Who Depends on Your Business?
    ● What If You’re Suddenly Not Around?
    ● Your Business Lives On Beyond You
    ● We Need a Plan
  •  So — What’s YOUR Plan?
    ● Durable Powers of Attorney
    ● What Makes it “Durable”?
  • Not Dead Yet!
    ● Financial Durable Power of Attorney
    ● Personal & Healthcare Durable Power of Attorney
    ● A Will
    ● Probate
    ● How Much Does Probate Cost?
    ● Why Avoid Probate?
  • A Trust (or Living Trust)
    ● Will vs. Trust? Which is Better?
    ● Funding Your Trust
    ● Your Trust As a Beneficiary
    ● Fund Your Trust With…Your Business
  • So, Who Will Run My Business?
    ● Operating Agreement
    ● Write a Contingency Plan
    ● Contents of Contingency Plan
    ● Make a Contingency Chart
    ● What Happens When We Die?
  • People Will Be Sad for a While…and Our Businesses Will Continue to Run Smoothly and Successfully!


  • None noted.
1 Hour.

Presented/Developed By

Ken Urie MA LMHC is the founder and Executive Director of Mill Creek Family Services and co-founder and business consultant for Group Practice Success. Ken enjoyed many years as a successful private practitioner with a consistently full caseload. However, he wanted to find a way to serve the people calling for counseling help that he didn’t have room for in his schedule. He was inspired by an article written by Joe Bavonese in the Psychotherapy Networker about moving from a sole-provider practice to a Group Practice. With that inspiration, Ken took action. In 2010, he leased 3 adjacent offices and hired additional therapists to see clients. At the time, Ken thought that this expansion would be the one and only time he would take such a significant leap. However, within the first 2 years, the referrals for his Group Practice soared and, as a result, pushed the limits of it’s capacity.

In mid-2013, Ken stepped back from providing direct services for clients himself in order to fully focus on creating an ideal work-environment for his Group Practice providers and staff. Since then, Ken expanded his Group Practice to 33 counseling offices in 2 locations in Mill Creek and Everett, Washington. He employs a Dream Team of 35 Therapists, an Assistant Director, Professional Development Director, Clinical Lead and 8 Administrative Specialists, all who represent excellence in their work and dedication to the Mill Creek Family Services mission to provide Healing, Hope & Possibilities for their community.

In 2017, Ken expanded his direct support and guidance for other Group Practice owners across North America with his business consulting and coaching. Ken is passionate about optimizing the potentials available with the Group Practice model for fellow Group Practice owners. He is convinced that the “inner-game” of the entrepreneur is the primary driver of our results. For Ken, Group Practice Success is equally about WHAT we build and WHO we become along the way that makes all the difference.

Program Notices

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1 Hour.

1 Hour. Self-Study Seminar w/ Video

This is not a continuing education course


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