What Happens When We Die? How to Prepare for Group Practice Afterlife

Course Materials

Part 2: A Business Trust


  • Let’s Face It — It’s Inevitable…
    ● Does Anyone Worry About This?
  • Who Depends on Your Business?
    ● What If You’re Suddenly Not Around?
    ● Your Business Lives On Beyond You
    ● We Need a Plan
  •  So — What’s YOUR Plan?
    ● Durable Powers of Attorney
    ● What Makes it “Durable”?
  • Not Dead Yet!
    ● Financial Durable Power of Attorney
    ● Personal & Healthcare Durable Power of Attorney
    ● A Will
    ● Probate
    ● How Much Does Probate Cost?
    ● Why Avoid Probate?
  • A Trust (or Living Trust)
    ● Will vs. Trust? Which is Better?
    ● Funding Your Trust
    ● Your Trust As a Beneficiary
    ● Fund Your Trust With…Your Business
  • So, Who Will Run My Business?
    ● Operating Agreement
    ● Write a Contingency Plan
    ● Contents of Contingency Plan
    ● Make a Contingency Chart
    ● What Happens When We Die?
  • People Will Be Sad for a While…and Our Businesses Will Continue to Run Smoothly and Successfully!

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