2019 Therapists’ Security and Privacy Update for Mental Health Practice

Course Materials


  1. Is HIPAA going to be changed this year?
    • The OCR’s Request for Input to inform their new rulemaking
    • How OCR’s goals will likely impact mental health professionals’ legal-ethical duties
  2. How does the FCC’s 2018 decision on text messaging impact mental health professionals’ legal-ethical duties?
    • How the change impacts SMS texting’s privacy and reliability
    • How to reduce the impact on client privacy and communication reliability
  3. How will the FCC’s 2018 decision on net neutrality impact the provision of telemental health?
    • Net neutrality and access to care
  4. How are some makers of online services confusing mental health professionals regarding their products’ appropriateness for use by HIPAA covered entities?
    • What to look for when choosing products and services in order to remain HIPAA-compliant
    • Patterns in vendor marketing that confuse HIPAA-compliant decision-making

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