The Shadow Side of Therapy: Audits, Insurance Coverage, Documentation, and Medical Necessity

Course Materials

Part 1 Notes: Examples and Q&A
Part 2: A Quick Intro to Treatment Plans
Part 3: Audits and Records Requests
Part 4: Brief Telehealth Billing Update


  • Why We Don’t Keep Better Progress Notes — And Why We Should
  • HIPAA: Progress vs. Psychotherapy notes
  • What Should be in Your Intake Notes: 11 Common Health Plan Requirements
  • What Should be in Your Progress Notes: 11 Common Health Plan Requirements
  • Telehealth Documentation: Legal and Ethical Best Practices
  • Understanding and Documenting Medical Necessity
  • Analysis of a Sample Progress Note
  • Why Your Notes Might be Requested-by a Health Plan- And How to Respond
  • Insurance Fraud and Altering Notes
  • Treatment Plans: What Should be in Them, Choosing Appropriate Goals, and Updating Them
  • Audits: Why Your Records Might be Requested, How to Respond, and How to Reduce Your Risk
  • Ethical Insurance Billing For Telehealth — Current Codes and Coverage issues

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