Solo Practice Policy Course: Workforce Management

Course Materials

Unit 1: Concepts in Workforce Management
Unit 2: Policy Contents: Workforce Management
Module 2: Making the Change to Supported and Secure Helpers
Unit 1: Change Work: Officially Onboarding Helpers & BYOD
Unit 2: Chapter Setup: Workforce Management
Module 3: Maintaining the Change


  • Helper onboarding requirements
    • Vetting the helper
    • Determining access needs
    • Providing appropriate access
    • Registering BYOD devices
  • Helper offboarding requirements
    • Determining what access they have
    • Revoking access
    • Retiring BYOD devices
  • Onboarding existing Helpers and performing the BYOD process with them
  • Documenting Helpers and their BYOD devices
  • Add the Workforce Management chapter to your manual

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