Developing a Strong and Effective Leadership Team in Your Group Practice

1 Hour. Self-Study Seminar

Presented By: Maureen Werrbach, LCPC

Leading a group practice is no small feat and you need a team of people in your practice in order for it grow, function well and smoothly, and to allow you to be present in your practice.

Join Maureen Werrbach, group practice owner, leader of Group Practice Exchange, and a group practice coach, as she talks you through the why, what, how, and to who of delegation in successful group practice management.

Due to a bad connection, there are a few times when the audio is lost. We did our best to caption the lost audio, but in a few cases it was unrecoverable.

Course Description

This is not a continuing education course

Educational Objectives



    Develop new relationships by communicating with peers about change from a place of leadership and holding those accountable.
    Learn to let go of control and trust the leadership team set in place.
    Inform your team how clinical work coincides with HIPAA, so everyone is prepared to do their part.
    When fitting people in the right seats, remember not every great clinician makes a great leader.
    Harness your leader’s strengths when creating a leadership role will be beneficial to them, your team, and you!
    Understand the business through the employees’ lens and, consider how the business is managing time when balancing roles.
    When building accountability it’s important to own the results of your team.
    Being collaborative and doing your part is one of the best things we can do.
    Know what process, steps, and decisions can be made…
    Without you,
    That you may need to be notified of,
    That you and the team will need to work on collaboratively,
    And lastly, ones that can only be made by you.
    Ensure that leadership aligns with business values.
    Everyone having aligning values keeps accountability in check and helps teams work together.



1 Hour.

Presented/Developed By

Maureen Werrbach, LCPC, grew her business The Group Practice Exchange from her experience in not only starting her private practice, but also growing it into several successful group practices.

She had spent a countless amount of hours researching how to start a private practice (the legal and procedural steps) and then many more hours learning how to grow it into a group (again trying to figure out the appropriate steps). She recalls wishing there was a place that she could go to or a book that she could read, that would explain not only the steps it would take to launch a group practice, but also discuss topics that relate to group practice ownership.

If you received a degree in the social service field like she did, you didn’t get any training in running a business. Instead, through trial and error, Maureen learned what works and what doesn’t in running a counseling group practice. She thoroughly enjoys helping others reach this place in which clinicians feel confident in running their business, and am hopeful that The Group Practice Exchange can become the platform for you to learn how to grow a group practice and become a confident and organized business owner.

Program Notices

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Commercial Support: None noted.

This course is subject to our cancellation/refund policy and complaint policy.

1 Hour.

1 Hour. Self-Study Seminar

This is not a continuing education course


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