Fostering a Legal-Ethical Supervision Environment: Ethical Considerations of Hosting Interns and Supervisees

Course Materials

Part 2: High Risk Situations
Part 3: Finding the Rules
Part 4: Q&A


  • Introductions
  • Definitions:
    • Interns
    • Preliminary Licensed/Pre-licensed (Provisionally? This feel like more common than preliminary, but it’s probably discretionary)
    • Supervision
  • Common Mistakes
    • No Systems in place
    • Not knowing where to find the rules
    • Making decisions based on finances or lack of knowledge
  • Ethics/Administrative Rules/School Policy
    • HIPAA and Interns/Supervisees
    • HIPAA Workforce
    • Why Interns/Supervisees are not HIPAA Business Associates
  • Systems in place
  • Documentation
  • Q&A, Closing Comments

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