Telehealth Coverage and Billing in a Post-COVID Future

Course Materials

Unit 2: Coverage
Unit 3: Documentation and Borders
Unit 4: Future Predictions
Unit 5: Home Office and Other Considerations


  1. The Mechanics of Billing Insurance for Telehealth
    • What CPT code, Place of Service Codes and Modifier to use
    • How to Verify Benefits, and What to Ask the Plan
  2. Insurance Coverage for Telehealth
    • Trends in Insurance Coverage of Video Sessions
    • Trends in Coverage of Phone Sessions
    • Trends in Coverage of Out-of-Network Providers
    • Payment/Coverage Parity for Telehealth vs. Office Visits
  3. Legal and Ethical
    • Considerations When Seeing an Insurance Client in Another State
    • Current Expectations About Using a HIPAA-Compatible Platform
  4. Insurance Billing for All-Telehealth Practitioners
    • Will Insurance Plans Require an Office Address?

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