Teletherapy From the Home or Mobile Office: HIPAA, Ethical, and Standard of Care Issues

Course Materials

Unit 2: HIPAA Standards
Unit 3: Teletherapy Standards


  1. HIPAA and ethical standards which need to be addressed in teletherapy practice environments
    • Privacy of teletherapy sessions
    • Confidentiality and integrity of information handled in teletherapy practice spaces
    • Security of client information handled by Internet connections and devices
  2. Handling security and privacy issues unique to the home environment
    • Family/roommate proximity
    • Duality of purpose in practice spaces
    • Residential vs commercial services, e.g. Internet access
    • Setting up devices to meet and maintain HIPAA standards in the home
  3. Teletherapy security, privacy, and standard of care in mobile environments
    • Hotel rooms
    • Guest bedrooms
    • RVs, trailers, and campsites

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