Teletherapy Practice: What You Didn’t Know You Don’t Know

Course Materials

Unit 1: “Appropriateness for Telehealth”
Unit 2: Risk-Benefit Analysis and “F2F” Pre-Assessment
Module 2: Vital Tech and HIPAA Considerations
Unit 3: Safety Planning
Unit 1: Using Email and Texting With Clients
Unit 2: Selecting Videoconferencing Software
Module 3: Less-Discussed Points About Therapy via Video
Unit 1: Positioning, Eye Contact, and Preventing Fatigue
Unit 2: Online Disinhibition Effect
Module 4: Practice Resources


  • The most vital teletherapy informed consent points
    • Appropriateness for the medium
    • Risk-benefit analysis
    • Safety planning
  • Lesser-known, but important, tech and HIPAA Items
    • Use of email and texting
    • Choosing videoconferencing services
  • Videoconferencing-based clinical concepts
    • Therapist body mechanics, eye contact, and preventing “Zoom fatigue”
    • Online Disinhibition Effect
  • Resource survey for clinical guidance, telehealth practice management, and telehealth-specific legal-ethical issues

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