How to Have an Ethical and HIPAA-Compliant Web Presence Episode 2: Message Boards, Social Media, and Listservs

Course Materials


  1. What social media services are mental health professionals using personally and professionally?
    • Overview of common social networks
    • How do clinicians use them professionally and personally?
  2. How are mental health professionals using social media services for professional purposes and what are the ethical benefits and risks?
    • Consultation and referral requests
    • Discussion of professional news and issues
      • Discussing fees
    • Using online discussion groups and email listservs
  3. Are any social media networks more or less ethically risky than others?
    • Ethics code references that explicitly cover use of social media
    • The basic ethical risks that arise when using social media
    • Common ethical pitfalls in each network
  4. What technical and behavioral steps can and can’t be taken to reduce the risk of ethical violations in social media?
    • Privacy settings
    • Moderating comments
    • “Professionalism-compatible” posting and behavior
    • Social media policies

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