A Free, Downloadable Email and Texting Risk Management  Questionnaire for Counselors 

Email and Texting Risk Questionnaire

This document is meant to assist therapists in discussing the risks of email and texting so that the client can make an informed decision about accepting, not accepting, or reducing the risks of these popular communications media. 

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Another helpful article from Person Centered Tech:

Professionalism In Engaging With Clients by Email and Text

How do you talk when you type your texts?

The question of appropriate language in texts and emails is long-discussed and fraught with angst. College and high school teachers lament the intrusion of “texting speak” into formal papers. And some professional organizations have discouraged clinicians from using emoticons or emoji in professional text messages, despite their heavy use by clients.

Besides the language of texting, there’s also the question of the therapist’s availability. Mobile phones have all but destroyed the concept of having to wait for someone to become available before you can speak with them.

Let’s explore some perspectives on these issues.

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