HIPAA and mental health ethics training for Clinical and Admin Staff in mental health group practice context

HIPAA compliance is a process… equip your team with the knowledge they need!

By mental health professionals for mental professionals.

Get your staff trained in both HIPAA and related mental health professional standards so you can feel secure in your staff HIPAA compliance readiness.

Role based knowledge

There’s no generic content here! Each team member is trained in the information they need to fulfill their specific role while upholding HIPAA security and mental health ethics standards.

Empowering, thorough content

Comprehensive and thorough training on all of the essentials of HIPAA’s rules and regulations plus standards in mental health professional ethics that everyone who works in mental health needs to know. 

Entertaining and engaging presentation

Compiled by Roy Huggins LPC NCC, Nicole Kramer MBA, and Liath Dalton, each training is crafted to be easy to learn and engaging so that your staff can complete the trainings and apply their knowledge in real world situations within your practice.

Earn CE hours

Legal-ethical CE hours available for clinical staff.

Frustration-free support

Training is guided for independent study. Direct support is available too, so you’re never left alone to figure out your own way.

My team members just finished one of the HIPAA training courses assigned to them and two of the three told me, without prompting, how much they enjoyed the training. They both said something about how previous HIPAA trainings were boring and they didn’t get much out of them. They said they learned  a lot from these. One SLP said that it really made her think things through. She then asked me about how she is doing her passwords and was asking about some different ways to write patient evaluations to make sure she was mindful of HIPAA practices.

Jessica Hudson, M.A., CCC-SLP


These courses are provided for your entire team when you enroll in our Group Service Plans.

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Or you purchase training per role as needed:

Admin HIPAA Training


This course is designed to give administrative staff the knowledge and confidence to own their domain! Much like a lion gazing over the grasslands of the Serengeti, you are charged with doing your part in keeping the practice and clients safe and secure.

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Clinical Staff HIPAA Training

2 CE Hours

Mental health clinicians working in a group practice or agency context have a variety of security and privacy concerns to be aware of. They need to ensure that their behaviors maintain the practice’s HIPAA compliance as well as ensuring that they, themselves, act in accordance with the ethical standards of their own professions.

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Group Practice Leadership training

10 CE Hours

A program of study to prepare for the Security Officer role in a mental/behavioral health private practice. This program is included in group practice service plans.

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