Group Practice Care Orientation

Welcome to Group Practice Care! This Orientation page is here to walk you through how to set up and utilize the team management functionality of this service. As is the PCT Way, we always want to support you in navigating and leveraging your tools in as helpful a way as possible — so join us as we lead you through:

The Basics of Group Practice Care 

  • Inviting your team
    • methods of invitation (email or your team’s unique/static join link)
    • setting team member roles (member or manager)
  • What your team members will experience when they receive and accept the invitation to join your practice team
    • Accepting the invitation and logging into their team dashboard
  • How to assign trainings to team members
    • select and change due dates
    • cancel an assignment (and be able to re-assign to a different team member)
    • send an additional reminder
    • view progress and completion status of assignments

For Group Practice Care Premium 

  • Group Practice Care Premium Welcome
    • Group Practice Office Hours
      • how to submit your consultation questions
      • register for live sessions
      • view and search the session archive library
  • Taking the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Leadership Orientation
    • how to access the orientation (yes, it’s linked to right in your PCT Way steps in your dashboard)
  • Assigning the BYOD Security Awareness Training and process to your team
    • assigning the BYOD training — both to yourself and to your team members
Adding Team Members
Accepting A Team Invite -- What Your Team Members Experience
Assigning Trainings to Your Team
Assigning Repeat Trainings to the Same User
Group Practice Care Premium Welcome -- Group Practice Office Hours Introduction
Group Practice Care Premium -- BYOD Introduction

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