This is your pick-that-low-hanging-security-fruit, “I’m still working on compliance but need to stop the big problems now” course!

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HIPAA Investigation Repellent: Easy Ways to Prevent Most Security Breaches

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After the Office of Civil Rights’ (The HIPAA People) announcement that they will start investigating small security breaches, we decided that a course on preventing those breaches was in order. This 1-hr introductory level course will not only tell counselors, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and counseling and clinical psychologists the simplest and easiest things they can do to prevent breaches, it will also provide resources to help actually do them!

The course is a recording of our special webinar presentation. It includes a 1-hour video, with Q&A from the live attendees. It is in a lecture format with a handout.

In addition to the 1 CE hour and solid advice on plugging major security holes in your practice tech, this course also comes with access to six of our exclusive, premium access walkthrough videos that show you how to implement the advice from this course on your Windows or Mac computer, and on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. All those devices are covered, and the videos are slow-paced, step-by-step walkthroughs that show you how to:

  • Encrypt your computer, phone, or tablet
  • Encrypt external stuff like USB thumb drives and external hard drives
  • Set stronger passwords on your phones and tablets
  • Activate the antivirus on your device
  • Activate the firewall on your device
  • Know when a WiFi network is safe and when it isn’t

1 CE Hour. Self-Study. Recorded Seminar.

Educational Objectives

  • Identify the most common causes of health care security and confidentiality breaches
  • Implement simple security measures to prevent the most common causes of health care security breaches
  • Describe the channels by which a HIPAA covered entity may come under investigation by the Office of Civil Rights


  1. How do HIPAA investigations get started?
  2. How to prevent security breaches involving you gear that holds on to information.
    1. Preventing breaches with easy-to-implement encryption.
    2. Which computers, smartphones and tablets work best with encryption.
  3. How to prevent security breaches in your cloud services.
    1. Using 2-factor authentication.
    2. Easy strategies for making very strong passwords that you can remember.
  4. How Business Associate Agreements prevent HIPAA investigations.

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