On-Demand seminar on utilizing Google Workspace to create more effective and secure systems

Making Practice Life Easier and More Efficient With Google Workspace

NO CE – 2 hour presentation

On-Demand Self Study

CE Credit Hours

What happens when we let Google Workspace do the heavy lifting?

Geared to those in both private practice or group practices, this seminar presents systems run by Google Workspace that will make your practice life easier and help you meet or exceed your security and HIPAA compliance requirements.

  • Is Google safe to use in a practice setting?
  • How to get started from square one? (and how to optimize if you already are set up so you get the most benefit at the lowest cost)
  • What settings should you pay attention to?
  • Is a BAA enough to stay HIPAA compliant?
  • Can I use it for email? What about for teletherapy?

Answering all of the most popular and pressing questions about how to utilize Google Workspace in a mental health practice, we will help walk attendees through best practices for setting up, maintaining and optimizing your systems in Google Workspace so you can have a more effective, enjoyable practice life.

Who is this event for?


This introductory-level course for counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and clinical social workers, will provide strategies for implementing and leveraging Google Workspace within a mental health practice in order to facilitate more effective, efficient systems that also support your security and HIPAA compliance requirements. This course is suitable for practices which consist of 100% in-person, 100% telehealth, or a mixture of in-person and telehealth treatment.

green check mark  In-person Practices

green check mark  Hybrid Practices

green check mark  Teletherapy Only Practices

Google Workspace is the “secret sauce” in the PCT way

Google Workspace is one of the primary ingredients in the PCT Way service recipes.  Knowing how to effectively leverage all the functionalities Google Workspace includes can reduce the number of other services you need to meet their functionality need and drastically reduce expense and streamline your workflow.

It’s the not-so-secret sauce for getting your compliance and functionality needs met affordably and effectively.

Meet Our Presenters

Presented by Evan Dumas, MA, A PCT consultant 


Evan Dumas, MA, wears a lot of hats. With a masters degree in mental health counseling, a background in tech support, and a dabbling in moustache wax, zine making, and neuroscience he’s perfectly at home helping clinicians and groups of all sizes cope with the intricacies of HIPAA and Telehealth. You’ll often find him laughing along the way, to bring some lightness to the heavy stuff.


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